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Dragon Quest Project

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Hello Hello! This is the Dragon Quest Project! This project is dedicated to getting all sorts of information and media out there for the Dragon Quest series! 

We are looking for members that would be interested in voice acting the games of Dragon Quest! 

The games that we have currently are I - IX and we are looking to get voice actors for all of them! 

We will be doing as much media as we can possibly cover! We are obtaining and translating manga, we are writing dramas, stories and the like, there are fan comics available as well. This is a long term project! Please know that before signing up! 

Currently we are casting for Dragon Quest VI

Closed parts are parts that we are no longer casting for and open parts are parts that we would like to get actors for! 

Main Cast 

Rek : open 

Carver: open 

Milly: open

Ashlynn: closed 

Nevan: closed

Terry: closed 

Amos: open

Lizzie: open

Goober: open


Demon at Arms: open

Apnea: open

Belleau: open

Blackmar: open

Buddy (Rand): open

Cabot: open

Coblle: open

Dhuran: open

Erdrick: open

Evgenya: open

Franco: open

Gerda: open

Gracos: open

Howard: open

Iiya: open

Isaac/Marsarl: open

Isnomore: open

Jamirus: open

Keating/Geban: open

King Zenith: open

Ludwig: open

Madame Luca: open

Max Wynne: open

Miralda (Erica): open

Mortamor: open

Mr. Clavet: open

Mrs. Calvet: open

Murdaw: open

Nokturnus: open

Poseidon: open

Rod: open

Rubiss: open

Rusty/Blade: open

Seymour Sass: open

Sledge: open

Somnius/Reidock: open

Spiegel: open

Tania: open

Unda: open

Welda: open


 Please contact me for details on how to audition and what we can provide! 

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weird text issue

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So... Are you hacking the voice acting into the game? 

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