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i have beat the DQ I&II Prince name Glitch!!!

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Friends, I want to apologize for my bad English.

I just found myself in the failure of Dragon Quest 1 and 2

the part where the prince gets sick by the curse of the hargon

I'm already frustrated because I thought you had to start the game from the beginning

Search these forums and I saw that there was only the option to remove the translation patch of the game.

Later, I went to a page where there were tips and codes Dragon Quest 1 and 2

I saw that the problem originates in the name of Roland or Roland.

And what I did was save the game with the priest who is in the same city.
where the prince is sick, I restarted the game, and so to be able to rename the princess and the prince, first change the name of the princess, in the ROM that I am playing the princess is called "Linda", and the prince is called "Rolando ", I changed the name to the princess with the name sho and the prince pop.

First we will change the name to the princess, we save the game with the priest,
then restart the game, and now we change the name to the prince,

I do not know if I'm the only person in the world who has done this, I would like to think not, and that more people have been able to continue with their game, I hope this information can help those who have kept their game in the pause or have lost the hope of being able to finish this version of Dragon Quest, I send you a big hug from Mexico!

Sincerely, your friend Hugoku!



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Just want to say thanks for the tip, although I think this is the wrong forum, friend. This is for bugs with the website not the game. No biggie though.

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Moved to General DWDQ forum :)

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