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Skies of Arcadia

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I can't remember whether there was a thread made of this or not, if so I apologize in advance.  This is one game I would love to see not just remastered, but remade with a more smooth cell shade.  This game really took me a long time to finish and was well worth the ending which pretty much ties up every loose end.  I thought Vyse and Aika were awesome main characters, but I did feel that there could have been a bit more in depth character development.  The stages were interesting, the idea of the six moons, the floating islands, it all had me enchanted.  

I had the dreamcast version then I played the Gamecube version which had more difficult bosses I thought was awesome.  

If they ever did a remake I would want these at the very least:

- Cell Shaded update graphics

- Voiced characters or at least the option to have it.

- More background story for all the main characters and those closely associated with them.  Perhaps a bit more background on Vyse's father, more on Ramirez' (Fina's brother), Aika especially needs more background about her parents.

- More dungeons and side quests

- At least two more playable characters and my suggestion would be these two: Vyse's Father and Claire

- The ending perhaps a nice still picture of the character engaging in whatever led them to do whatever

This game would sell so fast, that I think in some circles it would be more coveted than even Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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