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Another Adventure? A Dragon Quest Amino

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Hi, everyone! It has been awhile! I have recently been saving my time and money to get a chance to play DQ XI and make discussions on it.

Thoughout my wait, I managed to stumble upon a really cool place for Dragon Quest fans to interact with one another. 

This is the Dragon Quest Animo. It is a place where fans of the series can go for interactive media such as:  Polls, Quzzies, Fanart, Disscussion, Contests, chats, Post, memes and other kinds of Dragon Quest related content. It is honestly a pretty cosy place to be in. 

Here is a link to the Offical DQ Amino  http://aminoapps.com/c/dragon-quest-835070

So if you decide to go on a new adventure, check out the Dragon Quest Amino! I hope you enjoy your time!

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