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DQ11 FAQ topic (I'm torn..)

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So, in the wake of my computer dying, and buying a new computer (much better PC I might add, which is great)...my copy finally comes in.

I'm not writing three FAQs for this game, and in the process of writing one, I will be creating a spoiler free FAQ for the heck of it (because I kind of require it for reference points for item locations).

So I guess I'm not writing four FAQs.

Now, Item and Skill/Spell I can't touch, as about 20% of the work I've done on one and nearly 80% on another are only on the drive from my old computer, and the enclosure for it won't arrive until Friday.  In the interim I've been working on a Monster FAQ, using Japanese sites as a data pool, because well, it'll be awhile before someone unpacks the .pak file and can sort and properly read it.  Especially as the new data has elements different from the old due to Dragon Quest's current trends in updating.

I'm not asking for help in making a decision, as it's already made, but I'm still torn by it.

The monster FAQ would requite I take myself away from the game...as in, right now, just not playing it, since I haven't played it yet.  While the other two almost require I play the game.

So I'm going to do just that.  I'm going to postpone playing to finish this off first.  Then play.  This is really going to eat me up inside.

Certain details I'd have to figure out on my own with the game

1) Monster Pep Powers

2) Monster Pep State Stat Bonuses

3) AI levels (at least until Sword and Magic break down the game)

4) Attack patterns and skills/spells

5) Monster Levels, and the level differential for the Draconian EXP cap option

6) Draconian Monster Stat boosts

7) Attack rates, special targeting, etc.


That said.  Cheers and peace.  I just needed to vent in my opening post as this is the only time I'll be allowed to before I dive back in.  Now to eat, then write.

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I'm a bit under the weather today, so I decided fudge it, I'm going to play for a bit, as I can't handle writing.  Just going to play without a guide for the fun of it.  Get back to it tomorrow or the next day, and at some point make a new save to start with a barebones spoiler free walkthrough in mind.

My first playthrough is just the game as is.  No special draconian features enabled.  So far I'm liking it.

It's odd though.  Given the jump function it feels very limiting despite being fairly standard.  one thing I don't like is the major change to DQ dungeons with 8: linear with maybe one or two obvious side paths.  Granted 7 had quite a few, but it felt like every floor had at least a dozen, with several long-winded dead ends.  Just the third dungeon alone has three long-ass dead ends that take several stairs to get to, and in the 3DS it's hard to get lost, but the PSX, it's possible to somewhat lose ones way.  Who can forget the Western Cave to Dharma?

The really short and narrow...and the extra hand holding with objectives, etc.  This game was really made for Westerners, not Japanese players.  It's nice to have so many helpful bits in the menu, including a "where found" section for every item and full item details (which is good), but I can't help feel a pang of sadness for the loss of discovery.  Then again, I'm only in the first dungeon, but I can tell this game will be very much a railway system until the boat.  More so in every aspect than any before it, and each place will be gorgeously crafted.

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9 hours ago, ignasia said:

the extra hand holding with objectives

Yeah, I was hoping in the localized version you could disable the "helper speech bubbles" so you didn't know exactly where to go. It did help with playing thru the Japanese version though.

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