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DQIII cd theater names??

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Honhonhon, le site of les French! 

And yes, of course some people know his name! https://wikiwiki.jp/dqdic3rd/【僧侶】#q065e1e8

I should suggest you to auto-translate into english and look for the CD Theatre part. You'll find this


In this work a male priest appears as a member of the brave. 
The name is Ride, 32 years old. Takeshi Aono is a voice actor. Except for 【Garai】written as unknown age , the oldest member of the group. From [Kandata] he is referred to as an old man. In this work Edoguchi temperament tone of voice tone is characteristic. Hardcore lascivious father rather than incite I drink it and I to drink in cold blood in the woman witch Maris is a minor, the Mohare of the novel version do not think about the clergy go to the counter person. It is said that narration does not seem very saint.[...]


There you go!

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