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Quest #181 - DQXI Notable Quotables

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We've had this quest more than a couple times, but with A BRAND NEW GAME OUT, it's time to hear all those wonderful punny new jokes!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify some of the most interesting or funny quotes that come across while playing the newly released Dragon Quest XI game. Truly, the series has a veritable gold mine of classic lines and witticisms, and I'm sure this game will keep it up.

Each quote that is submitted must provide a bit more info than just the words that are spoken. We also need context. As such, submitted quotes should include:


1) The quote itself (obviously)

2) Who said it

3) To whom it was said (if applicable)

4) Under what circumstances did the quote take place


Image result for dqxi lightning

For example, for the above pictured quote, you could submit something like the following:


"Let's head to the nearest town - when you find yourself in an (sic) strange place, it's always good to talk to the locals and get the lay of the land"

- Spoken by Erik to the Hanson-haircut hero in camp.


And what would any quest be without some good old fashioned ground rules? So here they are!



1) You may submit up to 5 quotes that will get voted on each (you know, like one every 15 hours of gameplay).  Please feel free to submit as many as you want extra so that Woodus has a great deal of them for our Quote of the Day here.  Only your Top 5 - and you can change these until the quest ends, count.

2) You can only submit quotes from the English version DQXI

3) In the event that two or more people submit the same quote, the first person to submit it will get to claim it for their top 5.

4) Submit your quotes right here.  Please put all of yours in the same post.  I'm not going to track them down.

5) You have until December 31st, 2018 to contribute your submissions (seems like a long time, but this is a loooooong game with a supposedly meaty postgame).


Once all of the submissions have been gathered, the community will vote on which ones are the best. The three people who submit the top three quotes will receive a badge. Furthermore, all submitted quotes will be used by Woodus to update the "Quote of the Day" feature here at the Den.


That's it! Mount your horses and get those hilarious or interesting quotes sent in!





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Well, I’ll get us started, then!

1: “Right! So if it’s juicy info yer after, I’ve got it-firstly, oranges are an excellent source o’ juice. But don’t forget about bananas-them little fellas’re juicier than you fink.” -A man in downtown Heliodor after you pay him 5 gold for “proper juicy info”


2: “Good day, sir! It is always a pleasure to meet a visitor to our village! Tourists are so much source than sources of income to us - we like to think that you are people too!” -The mayor of Phnom Nonh speaking to the hero


3: “[Hero] opens the book at random and sees the word ‘JACKPOT!’ printed in large letters on the page. It must be his lucky day!” -A book in L’Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles

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Here are mine.  Trying not to go into the hair ones too much.

  1. "What are you talking about!? You can't just decide to come with us! This isn't a game!" Erik to Sylvano when he tries to join.
  2. "Santo cielo! What a handsome pair! I think I have never seen such luscious hairs! Molto splendente!" NPC to Erik and DQXI Hero.
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I have 50+ that I have captured so far (and I'm only to Lonalulu), I will pick from them to put here, but will probably add them all in the end that others don't use. :)


1. "Alright, Bigmouth—that's enough! You don‘t need to tell the Jolly Jester our whole life story! We barely know him!" - Veronica to Serena when telling their story to Sylvando

2. "Ohhh, I like wot yer wearin'! That musty bumpkin look is really in right now!" - Maid NPD in Heliodor Castle to Hero

3. "Kids these days, huh? No respect for their elders! Well, looks like we don't have much choice—let's hit the bar!" - Erik to the Hero when Veronica wants to question the barkeep

4. "Ha! Seriously? The only thing I'm shocked by is how lame you are!" - Erik to Tricky Devil after a missed attack

5. "My, my, my, my, my... So there's a dastardly villain coming to steal all the smiles and laughter from the world? - Sylvando to group while hunting the sand monster (can't remember the name)

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“Welcome to downtown Heliodor, home to rogues, ruffians and all my other favourite kinds of people!” - Erik, introducing the hero to downtown Heliodor

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-Shopkeeper in Heliodor when the Hero first arrives there, said when speaking to the keeper from behind



-Rab at The Strand after speaking with Michelle the mermaid, with Rab commenting on the beauty of mermaids



-Sylvando in the Celestial Sands after making it to the northern camp, commenting on Prince Faris’s plans for hunting the Slayer of the Sand.



-Sylvando in the Royal Library after learning about the witch and the seal stopping her magic, reacting to Veronica’s realization about what’s going on in Sniflheim

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Jarvis has so many jar related puns.


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