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New ROM Hack! - Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate

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  • 3 weeks later...


So I just signed up for this forum to thank you for this hack. It's amazing. (Especially the ability to have a full Lamia/Kagebou/Dimensaur team without cheating. 😀)

Various disorganized thoughts on a full (Library 100%, all storyline keys finished) playthrough:


Unfortunately I went a bit hog-wild at the Cave Full O' Metabbles, so I can't speak to the balance past Sky World. Before that, though, it was definitely tough but fair. I struggled a bit on Pirate, but I found later that I didn't find the island with the Metalys, which admittedly would have made leveling easier. (Speaking of leveling, THANK YOU for dropping EXP requirements. Some 100-EXP-to-L2 monsters actually became usable.)

It was vastly improved off of the base game, which is great for novices but a snooze after learning the good storyline monsters. (Grizzly, Grizzly, Grizzly...) I limped out of some boss battles with one monster intact. Thinking was actually important. (Speaking of boss battles, it definitely helped that boss monsters were actually willing to join...)

My favorite part of the new recipes was:

   HoodSquid x 1EyeClown = WhaleMage
   Slash (Gismo) x WhaleMage = CloudKing
   BIRD x DrakSlime = Phoenix
   Phoenix x CloudKing = Lamia

Mwahaha, promotional monster by Ice World - and one descended from the starter, too. 😀

The alteration of GigaSlash's requirements was nice, as I actually SAW GigaSlash on several monsters that learn it.

I particularly liked the inclusion of Servant in Limbo. Made breeding DracoLords much faster.

I also liked the various monsters hidden away in small areas, such as LampGenie in Sky World. The type-theming of various regions (e.g. the Devil family monsters in the HoodSquid cave, the Slimes/KingSlimes nearby the Cave Full O' Metabbles, etc.) made it a lot easier to find monsters quickly while breeding.

Elf and Traveler were greatly improved - they went from places I never bothered touching beyond completing them to quick sources of essential monsters. I may have single-handedly supported GreatLog's Sirloin industry.

Being able to buy and sell TinyMedals was an IMMENSE improvement, as was the increased rate of GOOD rewards from the Arena. It made it worth not just spamming C Class for 6000G a pop. Improved prices of Seeds and Staves also helped in paying for the constant Sirloin expenditures postgame. Also, being able to buy GoldGolems via TinyMedals sped breeding up massively. Thank you.

I never did find wild base-form Lord monsters in story worlds except for Darck (first floor of Traveler Tower). However...

I caught several Lord monsters (PsychoPiz, AsuraZoma, Mirudraas2, DeathMore3, Darkdrium) off of top-level Bards. The only one I couldn't get was Dimensaur, which seemed immune to Sirloins. Were these intended? It was an absolute blessing when filling up the Library, but one that wasn't mentioned in the ReadMe.

Milayou was indeed a worthy challenge. (As an interesting quirk, a few postgame bosses that join can have over 999 HP. Her Azurile did, as did a JewelBag from the Traveler battles.)

One thing that I'm not sure worked right:


Using a cheat tool or by trading, one can obtain the Brawn and Baffle Keys. These now contain tough boss challenges with a promotional event prize monster at the top.

Only Brawn did for me (3 Kagebou). Baffle didn't.


Thank you so much for this incredible hack! I thought no one would EVER produce a significant romhack of this game. Seeing this posted, and as a complete hack with so many features overhauled, was beyond my wildest dreams.

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Wow, Thank you for your feedback. I'm happy to see you made it all the way to the end. Don't forget to get the Lonely key for an even better training area. What is your play time? 

There's some monster choices in Elf and Traveler that I'm considering changing in a later update. (Dracky, AntEater, TailEater) I'm not sure yet.

I hope catching monsters from the top-level random masters wasn't too easy. It was intentional, but they are meant to be pretty hard to beat. I will have to check Dimensaur as he should join. I plan to make it so that Lord monsters require that you breed them first before catching is possible.

I will have to recheck some values, I didn't mean for bosses with over 999 stats to be recruitable.   

Sorry for the Baffle Tower. I wasn't motivated to finish that since it required cheats to get. I really wanted to change their dialogue too, but that's a lot of effort. Since you have made it that far I will try to complete Baffle and Soul Towers. I also wanted to make sure the treasure chests weren't crap! Some give Herbs! 

Once again thanks for playing. I'm glad to see others enjoyed this game as much as I did growing up. Please add a review to RomHacking.net if you have the time!

I've considering creating maps for all the monster locations, what do you think? 

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  • jonahstrix changed the title to New ROM Hack! - Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate
On 9/6/2018 at 8:06 PM, Dimensaur said:

Only Brawn did for me (3 Kagebou). Baffle didn't.

So I submitted a new update. If you hack yourself another version of the Baffle, Brawn and Soul keys they will have new challenges.

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I saw that you were looking into replacing sprites, but had issues with the animations for the unique overworld large sprites...

Would it be possible to cannibalize sprites from DWM1? All of the Boss family monsters had large animated sprites there, except for Darkdrium (but Durran, who is essentially a recolor, has a sprite). Now that I look at it, DWM2's Mudou sprite might actually be a recolor of DWM1's. A few others also had large versions.

Full List: Dragon, FaceTree, BattleRex, KingSlime, Orochi, Jamirus, Akubar, DracoLord, Zoma, Hargon, Sidoh, Pizzaro, Esterk, Baramos, Mudou, Mirudraas, DeathMore.

SkyDragon, Gigantes, and StoneMan technically have enlarged sprites, but they're 2x1 rather than 2x2.

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"Dark Dream" is a better translation, but it's listed as "Darkdrium" in DWM 1 & 2.


I've done a couple of main-story runs and I've figured out a moderate-speed route through the main story. (6:25 IGT with the Turbo button held down, 1:50 real-time; no idea what it would be if you didn't use Turbo at all.)


Start off, go through the regular routine.


At Oasis, get any two monsters while collecting tons of Herbs (or even buying some), go through the entire circus routine, and then try hunting down a SlimeNite in the northeast corner of the map. Save before going into the Well, set SlimeNite to Mixed before the battle, and fight the "Beavern". If all goes well, Upper should help your monsters stay alive while you heal with Herbs.

Dark Man 1 is pretty easy; if you can beat the Well battle, you can probably beat him the same way.

For Kids' Class, return to the Well with a PorkChop, save, and go onto the water. Whistle. You may be able to bag an L19 Shadow with Scorching if you can survive the battle. Keep trying. You will be able to pass Kids' Class with ease if you can get it. May want to grind Slash to get BlazeAir first. You'll also want to open the chests to get a WindStaff, more for its resale value than its power.


In Pirate, get a Draco Belt from Port Ritz and equip it to Shadow. Also get a few Ribs and as many LoveWaters as you can fit or afford. You want a Devil Family monster other than EyeBall, a Beast Family monster of the opposite sex (if BigEye isn't already of the opposite sex), a monster like RayGigas or Scallopa from the water, and (later) an EvilWand from the Treasure Cave.

Now go get Squiz. If you got Scallopa, have it set to Mixed so it uses Increase all the time. If you got RayGigas, just set it to Charge. This battle may take a few attempts, so save in Polona first. Remember to heal with LoveWaters.

You want to talk to the bard in Polona before talking to the old man in Port Ritz so that you can bag a TinyMedal, which sells for over 9000 gold. That's a lot of LoveWaters.

Now talk to the old man, talk to the bard, and go to the Pirate Ship. Make sure to get WorldLeaf from the staircase hidden by the crate. Have Squiz set to Mixed, and he should stunlock CaptDead and his crew with LureDance for an easy win. From there, it's simple to get to the end of the world. Grab Sailor Ring from the mermaid queen and War Ring from the lava-surrounded chests. You'll need it later.


ArmyAnt can be found in the Well in Oasis and MadGopher near the Warp Shrine in Pirate.

Breed Grizzly from the Beast and Devil you got earlier. Breed GiantWorm to EvilWand (breeding with some Bug from Oasis to flip GiantWorm's gender if there's an issue) to get ArmorPede, then breed ArmorPede with Orc to get HornBeet. Breed something with Heal to NPC's ArmorPede; I've used both Eyeder and an Ice-caught Unicorn.

War Ring should go on one of Grizzly and HornBeet and Sailor Ring on the other.

Level them enough that they can survive Ice (~L20) and walk to the spirit's frozen-over lake, stopping to grab two Log Twigs and a few Ribs at the castle along the way. Use a LogTwig beside the lake and collect the Crest. Now grind here on the Metalys (the Grizzly helps a lot with this) and catch a RockSlime for later.

"BombCrag" can be handled with Increase and StopSpell, with Grizzly (preferably TwinHits-boosted) attacking. Heal as needed.

Go back to town and go through the whole "AgDevil" routine. Strategy should be similar to BombCrag. While in town, get a WarpStaff if you don't have one and two ExitBells, filling other inventory space with LoveWaters.

Lady Yuna is a bit trickier, so save before the "Puppetor" boss battle. The strategy is similar; HornBeet should be flinging WhiteAirs after initial buffs.

When collecting the SleepHerb, bag a MadCondor and optionally (?) a MadGoose of the opposite sex. You need to breed MadCondor to RockSlime, but getting Heal from MadGoose might make future battles a little easier. The "GoatHorn" boss battle is simple; I find it easier than Puppetor. Now WarpStaff back to the lake.

You will have to grind before DarkMan 2 (I found HornBeet needed to be ~L33), so you might as well breed WhipBird and add it to your party in place of whatever you got from NPC's ArmorPede.

There is a cheesy strategy with WhipBird, though it strikes me as much less than optimal if you were trying for a serious speedrun. Use TatsuCall on the first turn, then StrongD every turn after that. Tatsu likes to spam Lightning, which doesn't touch his Jamiruses but does chip away at Durran. If WhipBird is about to run out of health, use a LoveWater. Once Durran drops, which should be before WhipBird does, use the WorldLeaf from Pirate Ship to bring back HornBeet, which should be able to handle the Jamiruses.


Breed Grizzly to NPC's WildApe and give it the War Ring. Give Cleric Ring from the Tower to WhipBird. 

Go through the entire Tower-Change Staff-Bridge sequence; nothing special here. The wildlife won't pose much of a threat to a team that beat Dark Man 2.

Go to Hitano Town, buy two ExitBells, and use ChangeStaff until you get the Skullroo. LogTwig outside and head south. The cave with the Heaven Helm is the best spot to grind in the game. You will want to grind here for a while - I've gone with 'until HornBeet hits ~L59' to be safe, but it may be safe to stop when WhipBird learns HealUsAll. Obviously, you will have to take breaks to heal at GreatLog; if WhipBird has HealAll rather than just HealUs, it will take fewer breaks. On battles with more than one Metabble, TwinHits Grizzly so it can oneshot them. (The same goes for the boss battle of the cave; after the grinding, it should be able to oneshot the monsters after TwinHits. ExitBell out afterwards.)

Now go west to the Heaven Armor tower, then west again to the Heaven Sword castle. Niterich will be a cakewalk. ExitBell out.

WarpStaff back and go into the castle. Make sure to snag SteelFang for quicker fights. For "Mudou", TwinHits Grizzly and have it attack one supporter, then the other. Heal with WhipBird.  This is relatively simple.


Now for Dark Man 3. With HealUsAll, I find this to be a basic stat check. Either you aren't strong enough and you get annihilated in a few turns, or you have HealUsAll and you use it throughout the fight while focusing down one monster at a time. Once you're down to one, switch to QuadHits for a faster KO.

Return to GreatLog for a full heal and then take on the final boss. This is similar to Dark Man 3, if a little harder.

And you're done!

Areas for improvement:

  • Is there an easier way of reliably getting past Kids' Class?
  • What is the fastest route for beating Squiz?
  • Can proper deployment of DracoBelts and OddBelts (from Pirate) cut down on required grinding time?
  • What's the best use of NPC's ArmorPede?
  • What is the best strategy against Dark Man 2?
  • A HealUsAll monster is needed to keep up with Limbo damage output. Is WhipBird ideal? Healer is available near Yold and DeadNoble in Heaven Sword Castle. Does one of these lend itself to a better breeding path?
  • Is it preferable to delay breeding WhipBird until after Cleric Ring is obtained for earlier HealUsAll?
  • How little grinding is necessary to pass Dark Man 2 & 3, respectively?

This run brought to you by Metaly Lake Resort and Metabble Cave, without which it certainly wouldn't be possible to level Grizzly enough to play in the big leagues and raise up a HealUsAll monster quite so quickly. (The bliss of their localized nature in this hack is second only to them not running away.)

This continues to be a fun hack. The difficulty is high but not unreasonable, the spawns and better meat prices make it much easier to get good monsters, and the increased item variety opens up possibilities for different routes and strategies.

I'm not sure how much longer it would take to hit 100%. I haven't yet taken the time to check what spawns on what screen, but I'm pretty sure most things can be found without bothering with Magic Key worlds. (This is a great change; Magic Keys are obviously supposed to be the postgame, but hunting through them for the right random spawns can get tedious.) 😀

Thanks again for all your hard work!

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Wow, I didn't see this post until now. Awesome to see some dedication to trying to find the optimal path. That's usually what drives me in a game. 

On 2/4/2019 at 11:25 PM, Dimensaur said:

(This is a great change; Magic Keys are obviously supposed to be the postgame, but hunting through them for the right random spawns can get tedious.)

Thanks for understanding my reasoning. Some have said there is too much monter variety, to which I feel like asking
"Did you LIKE collecting and managing Magic Keys for very particular spawns? Because I sure didn't!"

On 2/4/2019 at 11:25 PM, Dimensaur said:

(The bliss of their localized nature in this hack is second only to them not running away.)

The lack of a decent end game training area is what makes a lot of the pokemon-likes falter. I was pretty stoked to add this. I actually have no idea how the coding for the running away is handled. It was something of a convenient fluke that it just went away.

Have you made it to the Lonely Key? It also has an end-game training area.

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To offer a slightly different opinion on the Magic Key diversity, personally I found it kind of convenient to be able to find some of the weaker-ranked monsters in the Magic Keys; I often liked training up themed teams of some of the weaker monsters (for instance, going for Golem, Dragon, and MadKnight for the DQ1 bosses), so it was helpful to be able to find those without issue. I see why it's annoying to find SpotSlimes in random places when you're looking for more rare stuff, but it's still nice, especially for things like Drackys which actually take some effort to breed. Maybe weighting the keys more toward the higher-ranked stuff would be better, but I feel as if even the lower-ranked things should still be available, even if made comparatively rare. It's fun seeing weak things like Petiteels suddenly end up with really good stats, and as someone who's spent countless hours dungeon crawling Magic Keys on the vanilla version, it would be a shame to see some of that variety disappear. Sure, you can always just spend a bit of extra time breeding them, but that argument applies to every monster. If you're still revising the hack more, you should definitely look at making that an option, especially as it shouldn't affect people hunting for the rarer stuff.

Also, as an idea for helping bosses be harder, is there some way to give enemies multiple actions per turn? I'm not quite sure how you would code that, if it were even possible, but making some of the end-game and Magic Key bosses harder and have a distinct advantage over the player could be interesting. Also, some way to force the player to beat a boss within a specified number of rounds (which is a common mechanic in other DQ games) could be fun; for instance, maybe you can recruit a Magic Key boss if you beat it in 5 turns or less or something like that. Estark, who frequently shows up as a post-game boss, has that caveat quite frequently, for instance.

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1 hour ago, MrMystery said:

personally I found it kind of convenient to be able to find some of the weaker-ranked monsters in the Magic Keys

I really don't know what you are suggesting or describing as a benefit. You can still find them in Magic Keys...You can also find most monsters in the story keys....

Magic keys are determined by the level of your lead monster. If you want a weak key, use a low level monster when acquiring a new key....I don't understand what more you're asking for.

Honestly I've heard enough requests about the story boss difficulty. I don't want to make it too hard for some other players. There are loads of very difficult post-game battles. If you want a challenge try to beat Terry and Milayou. I increased them again but I haven't heard any feedback. If they are too easy then I may have to make some changes. 

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  • 5 months later...

Is there a list that tells us what monsters are in what story area now? Cause that would be convenient.


Edit: This is especially needed since for some reason. He took out the Informer skill. And replaced it with Outside. Not sure why he decided to do that but it makes catching monsters in areas alot more difficult now.

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Is there a list that tells us what monsters are in what story area now? Cause that would be convenient.

I wish I had seen this sooner. I thought I checked back here a few times. I wanted to keep this secret, but it has been a year now.

I will create a list of the monster locations. Informer had to be replaced because these called up premade text for which monsters are available. I couldn't simply update this as the character length would need to be identical. 

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  • 1 month later...

Sorry for the wait. This is more work than I thought to create the list I wanted. I would have liked to make a big map, but it's been too long, I don't remember all the details.

Here is a list of the story monsters, but the locations are left blank on later stages. 


Use these maps for reference http://www.realmofdarkness.net/dq/games/gbc/dwm2/maps/world


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  • 1 month later...

Last year I created the hack Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate

I created it as a way to bring purpose to the grinding potential I was hooked on as a kid. 
What's the point of getting your stats super high if you no one can challenge your team? This resulted in a very difficult and grind heavy hack.

I would like to try to make a different version of the hack with a level of difficulty that could bring new people to the series. However, the original game is already great. Aside from simply making the enemies in my current hack much weaker, I'd like to know what kind of challenges and new ideas could mix up the game without making it too grind heavy. 

I have all the tools I need to make this new version fairly quickly, but to do this well I will need testers interested in trying this hack. Please, comment on this thread or send me a message.

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Sorry for the somewhat necro, but I completed a "not-speedrun" speedrun earlier today, trying to test out a few different possible options if someone wanted to go for a truly optimized playthrough, ending up with about a 4 hour time or slightly less. Some differences from the route above:

-I didn't bother with a GiantWorm, I bred my Armorpede directly with one of the Orcs (you can recruit one from the "Beavern" battle and get Biino after beating Oasis) to save time. I bred that HornBeet with the Armorpede from the Arena to get better stats, and this lasted me for the entire run.

-For most of Pirate, I used a team of an Orc, the BigEye "CurseLamp", and a HaloSlime, as the HaloSlime knew three very important skills of HealMore, Revive(!!!), and Sleep. Given how tanky it was, this made it very easy to go through all the boss battles. I switched out the Orc for Squiz when I recruited it. 

-I recruited a Wyvern from Oasis to breed with the Shadow to get a MadGoose, and I recruited a Pixy to breed with "Squiz" to get a Merman, all for a WhipBird that was ready to go before "BombCrag". The only Metaly grinding I did was to get the MadGoose and Merman to sufficient levels to learn TwinHits and such, meaning I was able to get a WhipBird with both breath attacks, HealAll, Vacuum, TwinHits, PaniDance, and Revive, which I used for the rest of the run 

-For my last party member, I bred the other Orc with a Dumbira to get a Grizzly with MetalCut and RainSlash for some easier battling, and I bred that with the Golem ("BombCrag") to get a Roboster with very strong stats. I bred the Grizzly, despite it having better attack growth, because its other stats were awful; the Roboster also had strong attack while being quite tanky too, and TwinHits+QuadHits is the optimal way to take care of most bosses in Sky and Limbo. 

-I made sure to get as many TinyMedals as possible, which as it turned out wasn't terribly necessary; since the OrcaCape and WarRing sell for a ton of gold too, I didn't actually need to go overboard, but it definitely makes things easier.

-To compensate for not doing any breeding or grinding beyond the bare minimum (I defeated three Metabbles in the cave and used a Repellent because it's a massive time sink actually killing them), I used my excessive amounts of gold to buy WorldDews, which I spammed during battles so my monsters could focus on dealing as much damage as possible. Defense is for cowards. The hardest section in the run besides Kid's Class is probably Metabble cave simply because it's hard to deal enough damage quickly. Ice World is quite easy if you're dealing enough damage (and by using three of the best monsters in the game you certainly are), and Sky and Limbo are cakewalks after that. 

I'm pretty sure with better routing and RNG (I spent 10 minutes trying to find a Wyvern of a different gender until just going with one to match my Shadow, and I think I could have gone for WorldDews earlier), you could get this under 3 hours. Random encounters can be avoided with Repellents probably after you level up your Roboster to 15 or so, which should happen without too much effort, excluding the encounter or two in Metabble cave, where you really want to get critical hits early. Otherwise, it's just not worth the experience, as you get a hefty amount from boss battles and you don't want to waste MP. Being sure to recruit ArmyAnt on your first pass through Oasis also helps, as well as finding things like the female Pixy quickly (you want a Pixy to pass TwinHits to your WhipBird later). The Roboster may be an unnecessary indulgence, but I don't know if the Grizzly would survive. 

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I'm very interested in trying this out, I was wondering about the end game content. Will I have to do something special to get things through trading or will I be able to find those in game now? I also wanted to know if getting things like darkdrium early on if you are willing to grind it out is doable. One of my favorite things about the original was trying to get my end game crew as early as possible and then take them from level 1 through the as much of the early story as I could.

Sorry for all the questions, I've been wanting to play a hack of DWM2 for years and I'm excited to try this out. Thank you for making this, you're a hero.

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