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Dragon Quest: Epics (ORPG) WiP/Devlog

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~ I recently took up a hobby project to create a small Dragon Quest Abel Yuusha-based online RPG. We've decided to call this Dragon Quest: Epics. ~

** DQ: Epics is an ORPG built in the Intersect game engine. At this point we are at asset creation - the graphics, sounds, animations, will all be made from scratch for the specifics of the game. You can track this game's progress here and discuss it at our Discord server. **



Dev Log


~ Pixel artist has begun creating the bases for the races! Starting with one of the Estark builds, here's General jack showing off some Slime Hats for founding and donating players.


~ We've found a composer to join our ranks. Stat tuned for them tunes. :3 A log-in screen sneak peek will be available ASAP!

~ A few mainline quests have been written and are being programmed into the system! Because we need substance, right!?

~ Baramos-sama and Moore-chan are getting facelifts.......I.........I mean face sets! > .< Pretty custom animu artwork by yours truly to feast your eyes on in-game. ❤️







- Good, evil, neutral: You can make your own legacy in the world of DQ:E. You don't have to be a hero~

- An evolving storyline and community shaped by the players themselves.

- Guilds: Build factions for any purpose in-game. Participate in friendly spars or wage all-out war with other guilds.

- Real time combat currently, but may switch to the goold-ol' turn based the series is known for once engine source code is out.

- Custom graphics, including anime portraits. Custom soundtrack. Everything fresh and new and waiting to be experienced~

- Pets and Housing (Planned, probably will not be in initial release) Own your own property and tame monster companions for your travels or other needs.


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Will definitely be following this project closely! :D 

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