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Octopath Traveler fanart

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As a furry fan, I often take it on myself to put animal traits to video game characters, or to put my own personal character into video game related costumes.

Submitted here, then, is a line of pencil sketches of every member of the main cast of Octopath Traveler as an appropriate animal!

Forgive the hugeness of the posted images.  Also, I'm not even the best furry artist in the world, and i'm woefully out of practice, but here it is anyway.  Be kind, please!

First is Ophilia as a German Shepherd 'cause clerics are "shepherds of their flock".




Next up:  Cyrus as a rabbit, 'cause in Watership Down (great book and movie, despite the nightmare fuel) the rabbits have a rich lore they pass down.



third is Tressa, the shrewd merchant as a sly fox:



Fourth, Olberic, the tall, strong, lonesome warrior, as a bear:



#5 is Primrose, the dancer, as a cat, for her untouchable grace, and her unfortunate nickname from her former boss.  :P



Sixth is Alfyn the Apothecary, loyal and trustworthy, as a Golden Labrador.



Seven is Therion the thief, as a ferret, 'cause Latin for Ferret basically translates to "thief".



and finally, H'aanit the Hunter as a Snow Leopard, because of her tamed snow leopard partner in-game.  This one was a natural connection to make.




There you have it my fellow Denizens!  Hope you find these tasteful and apt analogies for our Octopath Travelers!


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22 hours ago, Democrobot said:

I like the choice of animals. Well suited


Thank you very much Demo!  I'm glad to have some positive feedback on this!

I know my art has a lot of work that could be done with it.  I have potential  yet unrealized.

Hearing someone approve of it helps keep me motivated!

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