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Dragon Quest Dungeons and Dragons!!

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So I've been playing a lot of DnD (5th edition) lately and had a thought.  What if I could homebrew my way into creating a Dragon Quest campaign setting?  So far, I've mostly been working on races, but I'll be making tweaks to some of the classes to add a more Dragon Quest-y flair (and monsters, though I'm procrastinating doing that for now).  I'm dropping the Google Drive link to what I have so far here, so if anyone familar with DnD could take a look.  Most of the ideas are taken from the Zenithian Trilogy, which is what I'll mostly be working off of.  I also added in a "Monsterborn" race because who doesn't want to play a slime?


Also, I'm willing to accept cohorts on this project, so if anyone wants to help me develop this (especially stat-wise) I would love the help.  Once it's done, I'll probably be looking for players here as well, so look forward to that!

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I know you're working mostly in the trilogy, but later games do a lot with prestige classes if you want to work in those terms.

You could do something like this, I suppose:

Basic Combat:

    Martial Artist

Prestige Combat:

     Armamentalist (Warrior + Mage Gestalt)
     Sage (Mage + Priest Gestalt)
     Paladin (Priest + Martial Artist)
     Gladiator (Warrior + Martial Artist Gestalt)

Advanced Combat

    Druid (Armamentalist + Sage Gestalt)
    Champion (Paladin + Gladiator Gestalt)
    Hero (Armamentalist + Sage + Paladin + Gladiator Gestalt)

Basic Utility:

Prestige Utility

    Luminary (Minstrel + Merchant)
    Monster Tamer (Shepherd + Thief)
    * I ran out of ideas here

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As for races...

Dragon Quest X has



-Elves (more like fairies)


-Pukuripo, the people of the flower (The tiny, fun-loving little fuzzy guys)

-Dragons (?) (I know little of this race as they only appear as NPCs in an expansion that I don't have. Apparently they are a human-like race that can transform into dragons, a la the Dragonlord.)


I don't really know how to fit them into D&D, as I've never played. This would certainly spark my interest, though.

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Plus, I'm sure it must be possible to integrate Celestrians, hybrids (just like DnD has semi-elves etc) and maybe Zenithians too? 

My only experience with DnD is from DnD Beyond, and it showed a lot of races, amongst which were some kind of ancient and angelic race or something. The Celestrians would then be the most "angelic" ones, whereas the Zenithians would just be people with wings, kinda like those encountered in VII, before they loose their wings. 

Could something like making "pacts" with spirits be done? Spirits, in essence, similar to those from VII, who would grant boost for some spells or some abilities maybe. Beats me. 

Tho I must say, I don't know if it's feasible really. 😊

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