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Plattym3 + JokerM3 = <3

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Gave Joker 3 the old boot up and try this morning.  Just made it 30 minutes, but already some fun observations:

1. RobotSancho!

2. Loved being able to customize my guy, and literally make everything purple with just 2 clicks!

3. Lots of menus seem very close to Terry's

4. Scouting seems almost identical to Terry's, but the font/% bar looks a little out of place, maybe because it's slightly futuristic?

5. Wondering if there will be some sort of crafting system.  I just put in 30 minutes, didn't even get to the first (only?) town, but I've picked up a ton of materials that look like random crafting stuff.

6. Enjoying the ability to JUMP (see pic)!  Man, do they hammer it into you that it can be done the first half hour.  I've had to jump up steps all over! 




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Got close to 3 hours in today.  Spent an hour plus of that riding monsters.  The world is definitely 3D with all the jumping and levels you have to do!

Found a game-crashing area, couldn't get a ring from a hidden box that are occasionally around.

Fell of one of the continents.  Hell, I got an accomplishment (there are gold, silver, and bronze ones) for falling so much today.  It's also how I knew I rode for an hour - got that accomplishment.

Recruited a monster with 5%, my first size 2 monster, a Drag Racer dragon.  He's one hell of a heavy hitter and miles ahead of the rest of the crew.

Beat the first continent, off to the next.

Definitely will be some crafting ahead.  Doesn't seem like there are weapons for monsters, just rings and other accessories.  They seem like they can all be upgraded 3 times as there are 3 blank stars next to each.  I keep picking up items to do crafting and one of the town monsters mentioned she'd do it, but not yet.

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Man, this game is tough or I'm not grinding enough. It's a huge change from Terry's Wonderland where every boss you fight joins you and you can be breeding C and D monsters kinda early on.

I'm 8 hours in and monsters I got 1 Island before are quickly obsolete without breeding/fusing. I like the new thing that just opened where I can ask to see a list of all new possible monsters I could be breeding and set some parameters to do that. It's pretty cool. It's also disappointing as all I could do for hours was F & E class ones. Was getting my butt handed to me by some encounters in the graveyard 3rd island, so had to breed breed breed. Even then, it's tough.

I will say that some of the skill sets are pretty neat and different. It seems like every other monster has its own skill set. And some have Agility +48 just a few short skills in. Large jumps, love it!

Also found out how to show the game in much better resolution on Citra. Slows it down but near HD quality is cool!

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Thought I'd share some more information about Joker 3 that I've noticed so far.

The +/- male/female system seems to be gone. Breed any two monsters together after level 10 any time. They love it!

As stated in another thread (I'll have to go back and quote it here later) there's a butt load of recolors. The bubble slime alone has 3 or 4 just at level C and below! It was mentioned that 40% of the monsters in this game are Joker 3 exclusives or DQX monsters. Seems like it, I barely know half of the ones I see available to breed/fuse.

There's a cool fusion technique that opens up after a bit. You can have the fusion computer search for monsters you haven't had before using the ones you have. Fun to just keep fusing away and making more and more.

The way the Pedal to the Metal area (full of metal monsters) is done is much more convenient. So there's this computer in your main base's basement. It'll take you to virtual worlds you collect on disk. The computer charges to 100 power. Going to one I have costs 20 power, the metal one costs 50 power. So I can run the metal one twice. Don't know what the internal clock link is, but I did notice my power was back to 100 about 8 hours after I zeroed it out doing metal runs. Also, it seems the metal area will unlock better metal monsters via the different heights of areas. Right now I have access to battle metal shell Slimes (clam-like), metal halo slimes, and regular metal slimes. Oh, there seem to be a lot more different types of metal monsters. Later I can access the ability to fly on monsters I ride. I'm assuming then I can get to higher up areas on the metal land and battle better metal monsters.

Speaking of riding monsters... It's great. I spent almost all my time riding monsters instead of walking. Jumping all around is fun too. Plattym4 keeps wanting me to play Terry's Wonderland with him more, but it's tough to go back to NOT jumping all around and playing in a 3D environment.

The lag on Citra is getting a bit annoying. I just got notices that my graphics card wants to update as does Windows tonight. Taking an hour off doing my damn essay to do that in hopes it makes a little difference in performance. Also, I haven't restarted my computer in about 25 days, so that might help too!

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