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Adding spoiler tags

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Been messaging Woodus back and forth and trying to figure out the spoiler tags.  Seemingly something has changed with the new boards:

1. can't find spoiler tags in any menu item, I've had to manually type them in

2. can't seem to put 2 spoiler tags in the same post without them nesting, like I'm not correctly ending them or something.

Spoiler #1




Spoiler #2


Anyone else have a look at this recently?

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Didn't spoilers used to work properly on Tapatalk?

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There, I added the spoiler button to the editor, it is the


eye icon, I think I had added it on the old theme, but forgot to go back and do it when I got this one working.


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9 minutes ago, ErdrickSmasherVIII said:

I Don't know how to do it at all. . .


How can I make Spoiler tags on this forum?

You can also click on the eyeball icon when typing up a message and it will pull up a spoiler box.


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