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Diehard Gamefan coverage of DQ VI [Super Famicom] - Please Help me look for more!

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Volume 2 Issue 10 (the first pic)







Volume 4 Issue 2


I'm kinda miffed that I can't find their review (if they actually indeed did one) in any of the Volume 4 (1996) issues.

It seems just about every issue of GameFan has been uploaded to archive.org     


Is anyone willing to help me look through these magazines?  Thanks!


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I hope I kept this release.  I tossed out a lot of old GameFans awhile back.  Thanks for the post dude, that brings back a lot of memories.  Sad though they may be, I do remember getting pumped for this.  Though I first found out via Enix's newsletter, and I believe an NP Japan Watch special where it was hinted at DQV being passed over for DQVI...and I think they mentioned FFV being passed over for FFVI going westward as well, though it might have only mentioned FFV and VI coming westward with VI being the most likely, and just talks about DQ's V and hints at the upcoming VI, but I won't know until I'm able to unpack them.


LOL, Nick Rox was sooo off most of the time with some detail about games...seriously though that's probably due to the sheer volume of games they had to play:

"in-party monster systems of III and V."

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