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4 minutes ago, Dhoulgirl said:

OHGOSH Xiphos-kun is definitely the hardest of the Demon Lords to draw for me. Zoma-sama's big collar around his neck thing is hard for me too.......and my love's (Mordegon's) form I like most (2nds one) is hard to draw the details of his armor. I need to work on how to simplify it.

Then again my disability makes it hard enough for me to draw. XD;;

We should collab on art sometime and draw something together!

Yeah Agree <_<"""!! xD Even if he is cool! I didn't draw Zoma yet, But I think his collar will be difficult yes xD......(aaah yeah you'll hit me but....who is Mordegon ? In French name of characters are often change x_x""!! sorry! ) . Yes maybe draw less details than necessary 😃 !

Oh =s I understand

Yes why not 😄 !

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