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An even more English Translation patch! (PS2 Itadaki Street)

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17 hours ago, Erdrick The Hero said:

No, but I think I've found the Japanese script for these, I could localize them for you.

Thinking about it, I think the highest priority should be the helper dialog. Not just Torneko, Eiji, and Imp, but the Sphere summoned characters King Slime, Cactuar, Fluffy, and Mandragora. That actually affects gameplay.

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So I'm still working on this believe it or not (yes along with the Re Quest stuff, I'm multitasking) and if your interested @Erdrick The Hero in helping out translating I've actually been able to parse all the dialog in both Special AND Portable BY CHARACTER






I'd love to fix up Portable too while I was at it. I actually have Motto Quierba's work decoded so to speak and can build on what he's done. But if you happen to have time and want to give it a crack, I don't think I can make it any easier.

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