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Into the Wild! Our Favorite Character's Dream Team.

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Hey everyone! I know that there has been discussions about our favorite characters and monsters, but how about discussions regarding both?

So my main questions this time are: (1) What would be an ideal monster team for some of your favorite Dragon Quest characters? (Ex. Nera- a slime based team:  Seaslime, angel slime, and King Slime. ) 


(2) Create the most ridiculous monster team possible. Now try to imagine a possible reason why your favorite characters might go along with this team. (Ex. Nera- Abstract Beauty: Overkilling machine for the coolness, Hell lion because it is an misunderstood kitten, and a box slime because....well, you can't help trying to figure out how this type of slime exist.)

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Yangus - The Boarish Brutes

A heavy hitting team, it is composed of a Gigantes, Boss Troll, and Stone Man.


Trode - The Trodain Titans

A kingly team of a Metal King, KingLeo (aka Marquis De Leon), and WhiteKing (or Wight King, basically the actual king look from DQ5).


Sancho - Salvadors útil

An odd bunch of critters composed of a Rainhawk, Galumph, and King Cure Slime.

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