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Prince of Cannock

Dragon Quest 3- Need help beating Xenlon

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Can anyone give me some class change suggestions for my party? I need some help for beating Xenlon in under 35 turns. I haven't gone through any class changes, or used any stat seeds, just yet.

Here's my party stats:


Level 52 Vamp

HP: 438

MP: 187

Power: 191

Agility: 137

Vitality: 216

Intelligence: 95

Luck: 181

Mage 1:

Level 50 Vamp

HP: 301

MP: 306

Power: 44

Agility: 224

Vitality: 150

Intelligence: 155

Luck: 209

Mage 2:

Level 50 Vamp

HP: 302

MP: 299

Power: 46


Vitality: 148

Intelligence: 147

Luck: 210


Level 50 Vamp

HP: 291

MP: 297

Power: 62

Agility: 103

Vitality: 144

Intelligence: 147

Luck: 196

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Btw, I'm playing the PS4 version, which is basically identical to the mobile versions. I already tried fighting him with this party, but he keeps killing me, since he often critical hits my party (which basically kills them in 1 hit). So, I definitely need more HP, among other things.

Btw, I'm mostly trying to build a strong enough party that can kill him in under 35 turns, without too much trouble. I'd also like to avoid seed farming, too.

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Xenlong is basically all about stats.  Due to his turn count and base damage...and his sleep move, you'll need to maximize yourself a bit.

I'm amazed you managed to make it up to him with that party, and likely never once reclassing, so congratulations.  However, you'll want more healing magic than just your priest and the Hero.  At least two characters should know all Priest spells.  I would suggest a Fighter, but a Thief or Soldier works as well in the second slot.  Main point is you want a damage soaker that's also a heavy hitter (Fighter/MA is just a heavy hitter, but the critical rate makes a tremendous impact at later levels...40+).  Thief for Agility, natural MP growth, and the Falcon Blade.  Soldier/Warrior for natural Strength, higher HP growth, and slightly better armour options if you'd prefer gifting the Shimmering Dress to someone else.  Both Thief and Warrior can equip the Dragon Shield though, which is FAR more useful against Xenlong.

Oh right, Warrior/Soldier's also have the Headsman's Axe, which is incidentally their best boss weapon the whole game.  Never use the Sword of Ruin unless you like pain.

Note that Fighters have a critical hit rate of level/256, better than the fixed 1.56%.

You may want to make 3 or 4x Priests, turn them into Thieves when you learn Revive or hit 42, then hit about 40, then start seed farming for Seeds of Wisdom: 2F of that tower just North of Alltrades.  The yellow beak enemies drop them at decent rates.

Dump those seeds on your Hero to max out his Wisdom, then level him up to see the results (save just in case you get a bad level up).


So essentially, I'd say switch up the second Mage to Priest, and Priest to Mage, so you have another backup with mage spells if you need it (Oomph is especially useful), and so you can gear up with the Flowing Dress (for overall defense, better than the Dragon Robe despite the normal defense being lower).  Then you can give the Dragon Robe to the Priest, and the Shimmering Dress to your 2nd slot killer (Warrior / Fighter / Thief)...though for Thief/Fighter, the Dark Robe is arguably a better option in this battle, especially for the Thief given the Dragon Shield.


Oh, and you'll want about 400 HP minimum for each person.  MINIMUM requirement.  If you haven't done so yet, make sure to get both Sage's Stones.

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Thanks for the advice! Just a few more questions...

Do stat seeds still hurt your stat growth, if you use them too early? I read something about that on one of the japan DQ wikis. I'm especially curious about how this would affect Sages, since I'm thinking about having two of them in my final party.

Also, is it normal to get a lot of zeros, in stat gains, after reclassing, for a while? When I changed all of my party members to thieves, I noticed they were getting a lot of zero star growth for several levels.

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They do.  Only slightly.  Luckily DQ3's remakes have used the same stat growth equation (just different base values) since the SFC version.

From Sk8erpunq's Mechanics FAQ:

  And now the easy part.
  If the game decides the character has too high stats - higher than sum of 
  base stats + 2*level + 15, then it gives 50/50 zero or one. The limit is 
  quite high, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  Otherwise, the character gets stat growth of: 
    base * personality modifier * (0.0~2.0) modifier.
    note: in this (0.0~2.0) range, middle values are more probable 
          and extreme values are less probable

So essentially, if you know the base stat values, and sadly I do not for the SFC version (which were copied over exactly to the mobile, then the iOS/Droid, and then the 3DS/PS4), then the basic ghist is Base Stat +17 is the hard cap for level 1:

  • Level 1: +17
  • Level 10: +35
  • Level 20: +55
  • Level 30: +75
  • Level 40: +95
  • Level 50: +115

And so on and so forth, each level is another 2 from the baseline you don't have to worry about.

Essentially by level 40, you should be fine at a total of 200 for most stats, if not 255 for certain classes.  Maybe 150 in Strength for the Mages.


Yes, it's normal after reclassing to get 1's and 0's.  As again, it's based on the hard cap listed above.

If you want the GBC values, which are probably around the 110~120% higher margin from the SFC, for stat growth, in the FAQ link above, search for section:

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