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Quest #170 - Subtitle Like a Hero, Final Round

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8 hours ago, The Mystical One said:

Welp. I at least offered some constructive portion to my criticism.

And some 'hey I understand life is walloping you' top it as well. because I totally get that. I have my own does of life going on, and yours sounded heftier than my load.

Doesn't mean it doesn't suck. And doesn't mean I didn't feel utterly left out when you twice now neglected to stick to your original 'Top Three' Which should be a First, a Second, and 3-way tie for Third.  Yeah, it's just a badge, but it was a let down.And it's kinda worse now because I wasn't really all that salty when you just picked one total winner, because I didn't check back and assumed it was just another 'only one winner' quest and the top choice was very clear. But when someone points out that it wasn't a single-winner contest, and then you still don't stick with that again? Well, that gets the salt going.

So yeah, I'll call you out again. The contest wasn't for the Top choice. It was for the Top 3. It was not "Top 3 who get more than one vote." It was just Top 3. It shouldn't be much to ask that the original guidelines are followed unless there's some obvious deficiency in them

I'm make sure to sugar coat my disappointment and criticism in the future so that it doesn't get labelled as mere whining.



He's got a point here. One of my badges is (are?) a first place tie. I think it was 3 given nonetheless. As for the disagreement  over tone and such, I'm just gonna be Switzerland in this one.

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