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The Denizens Guild - A Dragon's Den Inspired Guild by Yangus

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At last, it is done. The ten stories for the members of the Denizens guild!

For those who don't know, I'm a big fan of the Etrian Odyssey series from Atlus. One of my favorite aspects of the series is the freedom to create your own characters, and with Etrian 5's large emphasis on character customization, I decided to create a Dragon's Den themed guild called the Denizens. Unfortunately there are only 10 classes in game, so apologies for so many being left out.

With that said, please enjoy the back stories I've created for the 10 members, and let me know what you think. There's a lot text ahead, so get ready!

(As a side note, I'll be posting the stories in separate posts below so it's easier to keep things individual.)

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Zenith, the Dream Monarch Dragoon


Of all the races in the land of Arcania, the most common is the Earthlains. They lack the odd skin tones and pointed ears of Celestrians, the quick agility and animal features of the Therians, and the stout, resilient bodies of the Brounis. They are, in fact, quite ordinary.


So, no one batted an eye at the old man who wandered outside of Iorys one sunny afternoon. This man called himself Zenith. It was the only word he could remember that meant something to him...


Zenith was confused about his state. He had awoken in the middle of a meadow, the sound of bleeting and mooing being his wake up call. He had no idea where he was, why he was there, and where he had been. All that rang through his mind was the word, "Zenith."


A farmer and his son found him within the meadow, and when they asked him who he was (and seeing he was in a state of confusion), the old man held himself as high as he could muster and said, "My name...is Zenith."


He stayed with the farmer for a few days, repaying their kindness by helping with chores. The farmer and his family asked Zenith question after question, hoping to know more about this stranger and possibly help him remember anything else. It was no good though, as nothing jumped into Zenith's mind.


One night, however, he had a strange dream...in a cloud filled sky, there was a mighty castle. The sun was setting, a beautiful orange and pink glow covering the clouds and accenting the majesty of this castle. Suddenly, a giant blue dragon came flying through the beauty, gracefully making its way to the castle!


The dream spoke to Zenith...it all seemed so familiar to him. He felt nostalgic, peaceful...


Before the dream's end, a voice called out to him:


"Seek the tree...help the one of this world, and return to your home..."



A few days later, Zenith prepared to depart. He had told the farmer of his dream, and was pointed in the direction of Yggdrasil and the city of Iorys. Surely the answer to this message would be there! The

farmer, as a parting gift, gave the mystery man a well maintained gun, while his wife gave him an old red coat. They were calling cards for Dragoons, the farmer had explained, that had been given to him as part of a trade. He never needed them, and thought Zenith could make use of them in his travels.


And so, Zenith set off for Iorys, hoping to find some form of answer in this realm he had awoke in...IMG_1405.thumb.JPG.18b56307ce11b6ca49a8ca366b93d03a.JPG


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Zahan, the Golden Keyper Rover


The Therian race was one of strength and grace, who could communicate with nature and wildlife with the greatest of ease. While not a material race like the small but mighty Brounis of the south, there were a few Therian families who honored a sacred item passed down from generation to generation...


The Keyper family was one such lineage. They were a long line of multi-eye colored Therians who would pass down a fabled key with every child born with "the dual sight," a saying they used to describe their connections with animals and for understanding beauty. In their case, the beauty was the Golden Key, a powerful artifact created by the first member of the Keyper family centuries ago.


Unfortunately, the key was stolen from the family some 300 years ago, and try as they might to find and recover it, the family was at a lost.


Still, they kept true to their heritage, and every first born with the dual sight was honored as the new Golden Keyper.


The current Keyper is Zahan, who bears one blue eye and one green. He had a strong bond with his wolf companion Moon - a pet Zahan had had since his 10th birthday - and was an adapt now wielded thanks to his mother's guidance. She had been the last Keyper, but she was just as unsuccessful as her father before her...


But young Zahan heard a rumor one night as he headed home. A strange robed man had fallen in the street, and Zahan - being the sort to help out anyone in trouble - rushed to help him to his feet. The man had a raspy voice, something you wouldn't have heard from any of the other races. Still, Zahan was happy to help, and with some extra support from Moon, they saw the old man reached the outskirts of their home town safely.


The old man, grateful for his help, told Zahan of a grand treasure, something thought to exist in the newly open Yggdrasil Labyrinth. "They say...a marvelous key is hidden away in the twists and turns...something unimaginable..."


A key! Zahan nearly lost his balance at this reveal, and found himself lost in thought all of a sudden. It could be the Golden Key his family had searched for all this time, possibly locked away in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth! It was the one place his family was never able to search due to the lock down on entry for 600 years...


"But, if that place has been inaccessible for 600 years, how does this stranger know about it," Zahan had thought to himself. As he returned to the real world from his sea of thoughts, he went to ask the man about this rumor, but saw he had vanished into the darkness, with only Moon and the stars to keep Zahan company.


The next morning, Zahan was off from the mountain village capital of the Therians. He had told his parents all about the stranger, and was determined to go into the Labyrinth.


And before the sun even poked it's head above he horizon, Zahan was on the run to Iorys, with the Moon hot on his heels...


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Bururian, the Ailment Ace Botanist



On the southern plains that the Brouni called home, there existed a small mountain range called the Erulik Heights. To the Brouni folk, they were a challenge to climb due to their short stature, and it would take them nearly two weeks to cross where as the other races could easily cross it in a few days. The Brouni chose to steer away from the mountains on their travels...but one Botanist called the Erulik Heights his home.


His name was Bururian, and, although he looked young due to his race, he was in his late 20s. He was a very pale Brouni, with hair and skin as white as snow, and fierce red eyes. He was thought to be albino, but in truth he looked just like his great grandmother from his mother's side, and in fact it was thought to be good luck within the family to have red eyes!


He had been raised to know the many secrets of herbs, roots, and other plants in order to create powerful healing medicine thanks to his mother, but medicinal practices were a dime a dozen for the Brouni Botanists scattered across Arcania. What Bururian was after was a way to use herbs to help explorers.


His father, before he passed on, had told his son of the many wonders said to exist in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. Bururian's father was certain there was more to Herbology than healing properties, but he had only mastered the usual blinding properties of hexroots and mandrake powder.


Bururian was fascinated by the stories his father told and the research he had done, and it made him want to follow the same path. But he knew he was going to need a place of his own, somewhere were he could work in peace...


5 years after this revelation, he was hard at work within Erulik Heights, tending to his many underground gardens and clearing out any unwanted animals. Bururian had attempted to pass through the Heights when he first started his research, but a few wrong turns had led him straight inside the mountains! He found many abandoned tunnels and spacious caverns, and he decided this would be the ideal place to begin his work. The 5 years he worked inside the Heights proved very beneficial, as he discovered many new ways to create Ailment inducing herb concoctions!


He would sell off his products to any Brouni who traveled past his small shop he would (sometimes) work at at the foot of the mountains, but for the most part he kept to himself. 


This changed, however, when a friend of his named Yangus came and told him about his plans to scale Yggdrasil. Bururian was anxious about the Labyrinth, as his father had been terribly wounded within the 2nd Stratum.


But another idea struck Bururian. "If I take my research and plants with me, maybe I can test out all my concoctions on the wildlife of Yggdrasil..." The animals he would attempt to test with his work were too smart to fall for his tricks, but surely monsters would be too aggressive to stop him or his creations!


One trip to the caverns later, Bururian was packed and ready to go. He followed behind Yangus toward the city of Iorys, where he hoped all his research and his father's hopes and dreams would be proven true.


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Gooieooie, the Ever Optimistic Fencer


Born of a noble family, this young man hails from a large manor in the city of Iorys. Coming from a long line of traders, the only child of the Wilton family surprised his parents when he claimed that, on his 16th birthday, he was going to venture off into the Yggdrasil Labyrinth!


They weren't thrilled, to say the least, that their only son wanted to go and endanger his life off in some godforsaken Labyrinth!


Worry and fear, however, was far from the young man's mind. Rather, he was too busy thinking of what to call himself...how would he be remembered...then it struck him. He would take the name of his favorite childhood hero, Gooie the Ooie Knight of Woolie. He was a brave little slime from a series of children's stories who rose to face any challenges, facing down many dangers like dragons and wizards. This little Slime was a hero that inspired the young Wilton, as he had been a small boy who feared the unknown. Gooie the Ooie had inspired him, helping him grow strong and courageous.


So to him, it was all too fitting to name himself Gooieooie, the proud Fencer of Wilton Manor!


In truth, however, Gooieooie was rather embarrassed by his real name...Mariann Wilton. It had been his great-great-grandfather's name, one of the men who helped put the Wilton family on the map after Mariann's father nearly ruined the family's reputation and finances.


While proud of his great-great grandfather's accomplishments, Gooieooie didn't want to be called Mariann, especially when going off on a grand adventure. He had dealt with enough ridicule for the name from his private school days, to the point he had begged his parents to be home schooled. Going off to the labyrinth with a new name would surely make him stand out, his silly real name being forgotten for good!


Though reluctant, his mother and father finally decided (after much thought) to let their son go into the Labyrinth. He was a good Fencer thanks to all his practice on his days off from studying, having remarkable speed to avoid strikes against him. His father heard of a new guild that was forming, one of its leaders being a well known Masurao named Woodus. Believing this Therian Masurao could impart some sword fighting wisdom on their boy to help him improve his craft. Father Wilton told his son of this guild, and off Gooieooie went, seeking the adventure he had dreamed of and to make a new name for himself!


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Plattym, the Long Lost Necromancer


From the old days of Iorys, stories tell of the times when explorers were at one point allowed to wander the mysterious Labyrinth that lurked inside the renowned Yggdrasil tree. Though re-opened to adventurers in this day and age, for nearly 600 years the Labyrinth was considered off limits by order of the Council of Iorys. This didn't stop the bull headed from breaching the laws, and resulted in the arrest of one Celestrian who became a frightful story people would whisper around campfires...


When Yggdrasil was first made off limits, a gray skinned and silver haired Celestrian tried to climb the great tree with a large army of the undead. He was the Necromancer known as Plattym, named such for his silver-like appearance. He was halted many times, but the tremendous strength of the Wraiths he controlled was too much for the guards of the Labyrinth to handle. All he would ever say was, "I must reach the Crow..." whenever questioned of his business...


After 600 years of solitude, Plattym had become stir crazy to say the least. It had taken a large force of Celestrians, Earthlains, Therians, and Brounis to stop him, but after a grueling month of battle he was detained and sentenced to life within the Kukolren, an ancient prison used by the Celestrians to keep their most dangerous magic users locked away.


Tales spread of this Necromancer for those 600 years. They ranged from how he would come to steal your soul for his Wraith army if you didn't obey your parents to speaking his name 3 times in the dark of night to curse your family...


The tales were wild and wretched, and every last one of them made Plattym laugh with glee. "What fools," he would mutter to himself. "If only they really knew what I was capable of..."


In reality, he wasn't quite what the stories made him to be. He had indeed been a powerful Necromancer, perhaps the strongest of his era, who had helped advance the field to new possibilities thanks to his creation of Zombie Powder. But years of isolation had warped his senses and humor, but all he ever wanted was "to reach the Crow." He ended up believing most of the stories he heard of himself, with a small part of him trying to cling to the sanity he once had. Deep down part of him knew he wasn't some kind of mad man, but it was lost in the echo of his confinement. He had come to love the stories he heard of himself, and hoped he could one day live up to them by demonstrating his powers to the world.


It was a dream that seemed out of reach until he was suddenly released from prison. Apparently a young Shaman had forked over the Ental for his release, but demanded he was brought to him for a proposal. The two met, and Plattym learned the Shaman named Yangus wished to travel through the Labyrinth, but wanted the fabled strength of the dreaded Plattym and his Wraith army to get through the dangers of Yggdrasil.


Plattym knew this was his chance to demonstrate his new found powers, while deep down he knew a part of him knew it was a way to show the truth. All those years of loneliness were behind him, and finally he would reach the Crow.


The confusing thing was what made him agree to the Shaman's offer. All Yangus wanted was to prove he could be someone by climbing Yggdrasil and solving the mysteries surrounding it, and thought the Necromancer could understand his point of view. The split inside Plattym resonated, both sides seeing he was partially telling the truth, but was also hiding his real reason for journeying into Yggdrasil. 


Plattym, with a twisted snarl, shook the Shaman's hand and said, "Let's show the land of Arcania what we can do."


The breeze outside the Kukolren felt wonderful in his face. Fresh air, a clear sky, the stars twinkling above...he really was free. The Shaman called out for him, and with his 600 year old resolve, he followed the Brouni to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth...


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Fates, the Fist For Hire Pugilist



Across the land of Arcania, a Pugilist mercenary was softly spoken of. Men feared him, women were enamored with him, and animals winced when his scent was carried on the wind...


He was known as Fates, the Nightmare Earthlain.


Born of an Earthlain father and Celestrian mother, he had an unnatural skin tone, the slow age rate of the Celestrians, and the strength of an Earthlain. More strange, however, was the dragon markings that ran along his body. His parents were never sure what to make of it since his birth, but Fates had always been proud of his birthmark.


As a boy, he was never one to shy from danger. He would try new things, go off to restricted areas, would stand up to those far bigger than himself if they threatened him or his friends. Those close to him knew he was a kind boy, he just had a curiosity for the unknown and the dangerous, never backing down from a challenge or dare.


This, however, hurt his reputation. Many parents and kids his age thought him to be a menace, that HE had picked fights with older children for fun, and that his mixture of races was the start of the problem. These twisted rumors caused him to be alone, and nothing he did or said could change how others looked at him. He knew it caused stress for his parents, and later his younger siblings...


So, one cold night as the spring was approaching, he left his hometown behind him. "I can't stay here...mom and dad don't deserve to be shackled with me," he had thought to himself as he carried his belongings. Soon, he was off toward Iorys, a city of fresh starts...


Despite his years alone, he was never once truly sad or lonely. He began to call himself Fates, leaving his old name behind him, and began to study the style of Pugilist fighters. He even found a room at the local inn run by a family of Therians, the middle daughter Jenetta insisting he stay and pay when he could.


Pay when he could...that became his only concern. He couldn't stay in the city without some money, and had no idea how he would manage due to his appearance. 


He soon found his odd looks to be a blessing in disguise. Because of his rogue like appearance, many thieves and crooks saw him as someone who would be willing to work for them when they say this odd Earthlain boy roaming the streets. Fates was reluctant at first, but an idea began to hatch: there were bounties for many crooks throughout Arcania, so turning them over to the proper authorities for the many rewards would solve his money troubles!


After a few years, he was a Nightmare to the scoundrels of the land. He was always able to sneak his way into organizations with subtle changes to his appearance, and began to rack in a fortune of Ental. 


To thieves, he was a terrible Fate. But to the good people, he was like the blessed hand of Fate. His appearance could still frighten people away, but all those terrible rumors from his childhood were long gone.


This was how Fates lived his life for several years. He secretly sent most of his earnings home to his loved ones (though never under his true name or his new title of Fates), always including the note, "From a loved one. Hope this helps anyway possible." Fates would, on occasion, think back on his parents and his siblings, remembering how cute but annoying his twin sisters were and how his baby brother was only 6 months old before he left. And he would remember his parents warm, loving smiles whenever he returned home from a long day of play with his friends...


Things were good for Fates, but one task he didn't expect was an offer from a new guild that was forming in the city of Iorys. A Shaman named Yangus had spoken with him, requesting Fates specifically due to his strange appearance and mastery of the Pugilist fighting style to help climb the great tree. Fates was never really curious about the old Labyrinth, but after some negotiations with the Shaman for a hefty sum of Ental, an offer of money he couldn't possibly refuse, he decided to lend his strength.


"Who knows," he had thought to himself. "This could be fun after all."IMG_1407.thumb.JPG.fbff8d6fe7a6d18a0cd9b611694cae0d.JPG

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Tiael, the Warlock with a Love for Legends



From a young age, Celestrian children are introduced to the magical powers that course through their veins. They can harness this to unlock the elements to obey their command, or summon the spirits of the dead to assist their experiments. The fantasies of the other races aren't  as appealing to most Celestrians, and because of this many young Warlocks and Necromancers choose to study in solitude rather than indulge in flights of fancy and make believe.


But, from the Lunar Forest deep within the Celestrian territories of Arcania, a well versed Warlock named Tiael was a different story. Abandoned as a mere baby, he was raised by a kind pair of Brouni parents who lived on the outskirts of the Forest. They took him in as their own, and he became a little brother to their daughter, Zeldini. They named him after the husband's grandfather, a name that - in the Brouni sense - meant, "To have courage."


Tiael wasn't raised on the ideas of magic, but instead on fables and folklores from all regions of Arcania. His mother loved stories, and was always sharing new tales with her children. He heard daring adventures of youths who wished to become well known while searching for a lost father, of young men who braved the world to stop an evil sorcerer in different ages, and of legendary quests where dragons were fought and peace would be brought about in the end.


These stories inspired Tiael. He felt like he should go on a journey of his own, to hone his skills and broaden his horizons. And at the age of 17, he said goodbye to his family and began to head for the Tower of Magic, the Celestrian capital to start his journey...


For years, Tiael stayed in the capital of the Celestrians, mastering the arts of the Warlock. He had hoped to become more of a swordsman, but the lack of body strength he had made this impossible. Still, he was happy to wield his Magi powers, and thought of ways to channel the strengths of swords, bows, and other weapons into his spells...


Eventually, after 15 years of training, Tiael felt satisfied with his progress, but felt he was missing something. All those years of studying had hampered his planned journeys from his youth, and while he would live a long life as a Celestrian, he felt he hadn't grabbed the opportunity as soon as he could have.


During a study break in the tower's library, he overheard some young students talking about a strange rumor. Apparently a feared Necromancer known as Plattym was released from prison, and was going to be exploring the Yggdrasil Labyrinth with a young Shaman named Yangus.


"Why on earth would they release that awful man!" Tiael was besides himself with worry after returning to his room. He was quick to believe rumors, whether true or not, and this latest one made him fret to and fro. "Plattym has been in prisoner for 600 years, yet some Brouni Shaman can just set him free! Something evil must be a fo-"


Stopping in his tracks, he realized something: This could be his chance! He had always hoped to go on a quest like the heroes from his fantasy stories, and trying to stop this duo may be his shot! They seemed like an evil sort, and someone must stop them if they plan to enter the fabled tree.


Tiael bolted from the Capital not an hour later. He began his long journey to the city of Iorys, where his imagination would be in for a surprise once he finally caught up to the duo...


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Dragovian, the Miasma Master Harbinger



In the northwest part of Arcania, there hails a small Earthlain town known as Drall. It had a small population, but it was rich with the history of the Earthlain people. While most Earthlains nowadays believe in fame from exploring Yggdrasil, the people of the town of Drall believe in a different myth: that a mighty dragon reigns within the great tree, seeking one who can claim it's tremendous power. The elders of Drall believe one young manor woman will come along who has the gifts necessary to meet the Dragon's challenge...


Many people in Arcania have heard of this Dragon myth, and often laugh at it. They believe in the ideas of wealth, fame, knowledge, and power, but a Dragon who can grant strength? Such nonsense! Dragons were creatures from fairy tales and nothing more, and always wondered where such an idea could have come from. Thanks to Drall's small size it escaped any negativity, but it's people were all too aware of how they were viewed by the outside world...


One young man, however, was different. He name was Bernard, and he had moved to Drall with his parents as a child. He was initially pushed away by other children, but when they found out he believed in the Dragon myth, they opened up to him and realized it was wrong to push away others just because their beliefs were different. Bernard helped open the eyes of others, and in time the town began to not feel as much disdain about the outside world.


The elders weren't concerned with this change. Rather, they had all noticed an odd aura around this new boy in their village. One of them, a woman named Elmira, had decided it must be Miasma, a gift seen in those who call themselves Harbingers. It is said to be a cursed gift by those who fear the unknown, but the elders agree this is a sign of strength. After all, how else could one boy, in his 20 years of living in their home, have caused such a change in the people?


Thus, they called the young man to the council hall one evening. Bernard was concerned he was in trouble, as he had been aware of his gift since a young age. He never used it to control others, but rumors from bull headed townsfolk had attempted to sway others to think they had been brainwashed...


Elmira saw the worry in his face as he approached them, and gave him a sympathetic smile. She gifted this young man with a mighty scythe from a traveler who passed through years ago, and a wing of crows feathers to wish him luck. Bernard was rightfully confused by all this, but cautiously accepted the gifts. Before he could question what they were for, Elmira honored him with the title of "Dragovian," meant for those who are deemed worthy to travel to Yggdrasil.


The old woman gave a gentle smile to the newly christened Dragovian and laid a hand on his shoulders. "I'm sorry if you were worried about this meeting, but rest assured you have our support. We know you aren't some kind of monster due to your gift; you simply helped spark a much needed change here in Drall." Elmira and the other elders explained they had hoped for a long time a special young man or woman would be worthy of the Harbinger's gifts, and agreed Dragovian was the one worthy to receive them and travel to Yggdrasil to meet the Dragon...


The next day, Elmira escorted Dragovian to the edge of the village, along with his parents and many friends and well wishers. Word had spread quickly, and nearly the entire village was there to wish him off. 


"Those from the city of Iorys view the people of Drall to be lost in old beliefs and fables," Elmira said to Dragovian, "but the Earthlain king, aware of our humble ways, has always honored our wish to send the chosen Dragovian as an explorer, just as he would any other Earthlain here in Arcania."


Dragovian felt an odd sense of pride as the old woman finished speaking, her words filling him with a sense of worth. He looked around at everyone who gathered to see him off, and realized he had to make them proud. Not just because he was this chosen one according to the elders, but for all the good memories he had been given in his new home....


A week later, Dragovian reached the outskirts of Iorys, Yggdrasil casting a great shadow across the land. He looked on towards the city below, fastened his scythe to his back, and walked on...



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Woodus, Lord of the Den, Master Masurao


From high atop the Therian Mountain Range, a proud swordsman known as Woodus looked across the land of his people. His gaze moved on to the sky, the great tree known as Yggdrasil meeting his vision. 


"A place where the greatest of skills were said to await, where the strong would join forces in combat. Powers beyond your wildest dreams wait their."


These were the beliefs the Therian race believed in. Woodus was curious of the old tales and was inspired by them, but it was his loyal followers who believed his wish was to pursue the old legends. 


Woodus was the leader of the Den, a large group of Therian fighters who called the mountain tops their home. A rag tag bunch, they turned to the calm Woodus after seeing his strength and leadership in civil wars that broke out 10 years ago. Arguments over land were common at that time, and awful fights broke out amongst many families. Woodus, being an outsider to this conundrum, acted as a peace keeper to help settle the disputes. Many young Therians saw him as an icon, a man who they could trust to help in times of crisis. Before he knew it, Woodus had many young men and women who wished to learn from him, asking him to become their teacher and instruct them in the old sword style of the Masurao.


Woodus, however, never saw himself as some grand leader. He was faltered men and women respected him and formed a fighting force to help the Therian people, but he wasn't one for fame and fortune and preferred his quiet life. Still, he enjoyed teaching the art of combat to his followers, as he felt it was important to keep old traditions alive.


One day, his curiosity began to change when a young Shaman named Yangus sought him out. The Shaman wanted to form a guild to explore the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, and hearing of the legendary Masurao called Woodus, Yangus requested the mighty Therian join his guild. The spirt of adventure sounded tempting, and it stirred an idea within Woodus:


"Perhaps heading to the hustle and bustle of Iorys will give me some peace of mind and show my students the strength of the our Masurao forefathers."


So, packing his belongings and his trusty sword, The Thordain, he set out after the Shaman, a small smile crossing his face as they began down the mountains.


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Yangus, the EOxpert Explorer Shaman


In the Twilight Tavern, a popular place for explorers to gather, a Brouni Shaman sat at the counter, slowly sipping away at his ginger ale. He was trying to block out all the stories he heard going on around him, but his drink wasn't going to cut it. "Maybe if I actually drank alcohol, it might work to drink my misery away...," he grumbled to himself.


The Shaman was named Yangus, and he was down on his luck. Ever since the Yggdrasil Labyrinth had been opened again for exploration, he had tried again and again to join a guild and make his way through the tree. He had studied old texts of past explorers, learning all he could about working together, what kinds of materials to look for, how to be smart with what money you have, and plenty of other details he thought for sure would make him a valuable ally.


But the result was always the same: the guild he would join would welcome him aboard, they would climb partway through the first stratum - the Tuterlary Forest - but then give up halfway through because they felt overwhelmed by the challenge. Yangus had been through the first 3 floors of the Tutelary Forest so many times that at this point he could walk through them with his eyes closed!


He was getting sick of all this failure, and felt he was stuck in a rut. However, he didn't have a bad life outside his hopes of exploring. He had studied the old chants and incantations of the Brounis for years, and did a bit of teaching in Iorys for up and coming Shamans. He had a nice little house, and a large sum of money he had inherited from his parents after they passed away 2 years ago.


He should have been happy, but these things didn't please him. "I just want to explore that damn labyrinth," he would yell as the guilds would disband. He always hoped it would somehow work to change the minds of his guild mates, but time and time again things fell apart...


Yangus ,having finished his drink, was about to leave when Mirina - the owner and bar tender of the Twilight Tavern - came over.


"You seem awfully upset tonight, Yangus," she chimed, taking his glass and Ental. "Normally you go bounding around the place to see if any guilds are looking for new recruits."


"I'm tired of looking," Yangus said. "It ends in failure every time, and now I have Egar telling me to stick to teaching. If I were as big as a Therian I'd-"


"Hey, take it easy," Mirina said. "I know Egar isn't always the friendliest, but he is the guild master of Iorys. Maybe you should take a break from trying to explore for awhile."


Mirina felt bad for the Shaman. He clearly had a passion for exploring Yggdrasil, but his track record was clearly hurting his reputation with the guild hall. "Not that Egar is the most pleasant of men to work with...," Mirina thought to herself.


Yangus jumped from his stool and turned for the door. His little shoulders were slumped, his hair was a mess...he looked worse for wear. 


"Tell me something, Yangus," Mirina said, stepping out from behind the counter. "Why are you so determined to explore Yggdrasil? I mean, you show a lot of passion for it, but is there something that's driving you?"


The Shaman kept silent for a minute, then slowly turned toward the Celestrian woman. "Well...no, you'll think it's silly..."


A smile crept over Mirina's face. "Try me," she said, taking a sit on the nearby bench. Yangus reluctantly jumped up on the bench, and sat down next to her, looking down at the floor as he began:


"You see...I've been having this weird dream lately. Or rather, for the last few years. I'm floating in this strange darkness, bright lights twinkling all around me. Everything is really quiet, like the sound has been sucked away from existence. Suddenly there's this...thing that comes flying out of nowhere! I can never tell WHAT it is, but every time I have the dream, I get this horrible feeling of dread as it stares me down.


"Then, a soft voice usually starts up...a girl's voice. She's frightened of this nightmare, calling for help. There's a beautiful blue light that appears behind me, and suddenly that nightmare thing goes flying after the light!


Just before the dream cuts out...I always hear her say:


'Please...if you can hear me...'


And...then silence."


Mirina was wide eyed from hearing his story. Yangus was shaking slightly as he recalled the dream, wiping away some of the sweat from his forehead as he finished.


"Is that all that happens," Mirina finally asked, catching her breath.


"Yeah, that's all. I don't know why I keep having it, but for the last two years that dream keeps coming back. I think...no, I KNOW it has something to do with the labyrinth. Everyone always talks about Yggdrasil is a mystery, or how it can grant the wishes of the four races. But I don't want anything. I just want to find the answer to my dream..."


The Shaman stared out the window behind them, gazing up at the moonlight as it peeked out from behind Yggdrasil's leaves. Proving he could explore had been an old goal, but now he wanted closure more than anything. His dream meant something, and he knew that answer was waiting for him within the labyrinth.


"Well, I'm not entirely sure what to make of your story," the Celestrian said, "but I see where that drive is coming from. I'm sorry you haven't been able to take matters into your own hands, but maybe you-"


Suddenly, an idea struck Yangus. "Take matters into my own hands...TAKE MATTERS INTO MY OWN HANDS!" He turned to the Celestrian and, with a quick peck on the cheek, yelled out, "THAT'S IT!"


He bounded off the bench and ran for the door. "Wait a minute, what's it," Mirina called after him.


"I'll start my own guild, of course! Gah, why didn't I think of it before! Here I was pitying myself and being stupid when I could have just started things in my own! This time, things are going to go much differently!"


He raced out of the Twilight Tavern and ran for home. Mirina stepped outside, looking after him. She wasn't entirely sure what she had done, but she was happy to see the young Brouni was back to his old self...


In a few days, Yangus had pulled every last piece of Ental he had to his name from his bank account and prepared a list of everything he needed for his journey. Most important, though, was the list of names he had written up. He had spent a good deal of time researching well known people from the 4 races, as he wanted the best of the best to help him through Yggdrasil.


A fabled Necromancer, an old friend who had become a Botanist, a feared Pugilist, and a famed Masurao where the first on his...these were the first few on his list.


"I don't care what it takes...I'm going to scale that Labyrinth, even if it costs me everything I own to do it!"


Without a moment to spare, he ran off to the Celestrian's capital to the northeast, a spring in his step as the countryside flew by...


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48 minutes ago, gooieooie said:

Nice work! Let's beat up the monsters, friends! :)

Are you planning on making a journal where you document this playthrough like you have in the past with other games?

I feel he must at this point. Perhaps, he was planning for this all along

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58 minutes ago, gooieooie said:

Nice work! Let's beat up the monsters, friends! :)

Are you planning on making a journal where you document this playthrough like you have in the past with other games?

Don't worry, I plan to update the adventures of the Denizens guild. Just wait and see. :P

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8 hours ago, gooieooie said:

Nice work! Let's beat up the monsters, friends! :)

Are you planning on making a journal where you document this playthrough like you have in the past with other games?

I hope so. I've waited like 600 years for this! 

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Very cool, great writeups you did there. :thumbsup:

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1 hour ago, Woodus said:

Very cool, great writeups you did there. :thumbsup:

Thanks! They ended up being a lot of fun to write/type up.

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Three things I would like to say about this topic:

1. First off, thank you everyone for the positive feedback I've gotten. It means a lot to me and makes me happy I was able to write something that was entertaining/interesting. As I've said many times by now, these were a lot of fun to write up and kept evolving the further I went, so the feedback I've gotten has definitely made me want to continue on with the Denizens' travels. Speaking of that...

2. I do plan to continue updating this topic as I said above to gooieooie, but I plan to do so in a story telling style so there are plenty of character interactions between the guild members. Who knows, maybe we'll see Denizens who I didn't put in the guild show up elsewhere in their travels one way or another... ;)


Again,  thanks for all the great feedback!

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