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Latest stuff about the new game from TGS

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Being the huge fan of Fortune Street that I am, I've been keeping tabs on info for a while. Thought I'd post the latest from TGS!


New overview trailer!



They show a LOT of new maps. I spotted


Rendarak from DQ2 (PS2)

Ancient Library from FFV (PSP)

Ghost Ship from DQ3 (Wii)

Seabed Shrine from DQ6 (PS2)


and a whole bunch of crazy looking brand new ones!


They also had not one but TWO stage shows from TGS


Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLr9JQJAauM

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQd_jpnPCVg


What I picked up from watching both of these


-Sylvia from DQXI is playable and voiced by Masaya Onosaka (there's a bit where they show a scene FROM DQXI and have Onosaka dub over the dialog, just for fun) Maybe THAT'S what they're saving the Switch version for?)

-There's a new stage from DQXI as well. The layout is the same as Dharma Temple/Alltrades Abbey from the PSP game except with a new twist that shuffles spaces around.

-They quickly show off a new version of the Slimenia board from the Wii game.

-They're making a spiffy wired PS4 controller that looks like a slime.

-They mentioned many maps being made available as DLC I think I spotted Tantagel DQ1/PSP) and I THINK Yggdrasil (DQ4/PS2) listed. They also say "AND MORE" which makes me think there's more than stages being worked on. (Sphere mode, pretty please?)

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