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Would you like to see monsters/stuff from the "DQ Monsters" se

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Seeing how DQ11 is incorporathing stuff from the "Dragon Quest Heroes series" i wonder if they'll take stuff from the other spin-off?


Not only monsters from the monster series, maybe even skills or items from this series..


Would you like too see more stuff from the spin-offs in the main series?

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What elements of Heroes did XI incorporate? (Or if it's a spoiler, just say that :P )


2 of Camus Skills; "Bushin" (The Alena divide attack) and that Earth Spell are from Dragon Quest Heroes.

There's 2 or 3 weapons from DQXI that are from the Heroes games as well.


This makes DQXI the first core game that introduces elements from the DQ spin-offs.


I hope we keep getting elements from the Heroes games and the other spin-offs.


The monster series has a $#!& ton of original monsters and skills that could be used in the main series.


I dont think Builders has much of it going on, trough.

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Well, a few monsters debuted in Monsters games before coming to the main series. Darkonium Slime and Drakularge immediately come to mind, and 9 did have Earth based attacks

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When it comes to the monsters, i would like to see some of the spin off monster such as box slime among others. I would also like a cameo attack i where the player can summon a giant slime tank to attack enemies! In terms of spin off mechanics, i would like to see a variation of the monster reincarnation (for recruitable monsters) and the ai party member from cavus heart. It wiuld make the party feel more lively without overwhelming the player.

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i've always been a huge fan of the ultra slime. he made a cameo in the joker series and slime mori mori dragon quest 3. i think it would be cool to make him an actual character, like a sentient slime who would join your party after seeing how cool you are. like, why isn't there any really interesting singular monster characters in DQ? healie is the closest we got, followed maybe by lizzie. wouldn't mind seeing more in the future.

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