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I've started using this on Twitter along with #chocobosarentascoolasslimes


This game is looking sweet and will most likely be my first import because I have no confidence it's coming Westward. Really hoping for Builders 2 too (hehe).

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Well, considering they out of all games they localized Fortune Street Smart out of all games, I wouldn't be surprised if they did this one XD


Okay in all seriousness though, it's a shame this game has failed to have much of a fanbase in the west. However, it makes sense considering it's just a monopoly-like virtual board game with way more rules such as districts and stock (unless you play on easy rules). In order to really appreciate it, you have to like the gameplay itself for what it is. It also doesn't help that there aren't many virtual board games in the west or video game industry as a whole making it all the more foreign. In addition, the only other booming/well known board game genre game is Mario Party. I think the fact that there was a Mario crossover in the Wii version made it seem like some Monopoly mario edition, which considering Mario Party 9 was already coming around pretty much hurt the series and gave confusion to people not familiar with Itadaki Street.


I think that if they do localize it, they should do some remarketing of the franchise as a whole so it can strictly be seen for the board game, but still highlight the character appearances. Heck. they can even highlight the game's legacy in Japan so it can be known exactly what Fortune Street is. 

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