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A Gift From Overseas

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A Japanese player on Dragon Quest X by the name of メイメイ mailed a package to me, and it arrived today.


I had no idea what to expect, the only hint I had been given is that she said she wanted to send "Things from Japan".


I opened it this morning, and I'd like to share with everyone what was included.




To start with, she sent me a gift for the cat!  That's a pet pad right there that my little one is sure to love!  She was meowing for it as soon as I opened the box!


To the left are some treats.  I know the picture is not the greatest quality, but those are some dried lobster snacks.  Or at least lobster flavored.  I must have mentioned in passing that lobster is my favorite food.  here's another kind of snack too, but I'm not sure exactly what it is.  The picture is cut off but she also sent me a traditional Japanese fan.





A better look at the Yukata.  She included everything needed for it.  Belts, sandals, hair clips, fans, even underwear for it!  The underwear is like a lightweight gown that goes just below my waist. There's also a Pikachu plushie too.




We finish up with some various decorations and trinkets.


Again sorry that my camera is not professional grade, but we goto some hair clips, some coin pouches, and above those some nail seals.  These are designs that would go on my fingernails.    That circular item with the orange in the center is a goldfish!  It's a goldfish inside that bubble, a nice desk decoration!  There's a red charm box, and a few charms.  Hard to tell what they are in the picture but they are good luck cats with little bells.  The red thing at the top of the mat is a Furin wind bell.  Her note says you hang them outside and their sounds as they blow in the breeze repel evil.  She says it might be too noisy for my neighborhood so I might hang it inside instead.  She is right that it is quite loud, and the apartment complex would probably complain about it so inside it shall be!  Left of the charm box is a spinning top.  And finally we have some "PakuPaku Lunch" pins.  I believe these are sandwich pins that you would put inside a sandwich.  They have several interesting characters on them.  She also sent me some drink coasters as well with an image of an origami crane.


That about covers everything!


I've been on Dragon Quest X for about 5 years now and have met many people in that time, including a variety of Japanese people that have been willing to share their culture and interests with me.  Japan is a very different place than the United States, and I have enjoyed learning about it's people and learning about their culture through my interactions with them in the game.  A big thank you to メイメイ for sharing these items with me, and including so many notes and explanations about these items and their cultural significance.  I hope you all enjoyed reading this topic and getting a little peak into the culture too!

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This is so cool! Honestly, seeing a friendship between Japanese people and Western folks has always been heartwarming to me. 


Thank you for sharing Cranberry. My resolve to learn Japanese has only grown now! 

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