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Poll: Do you think DQXI will get the "DQVIII treatment"?

Do you think DQXI will get the "DQVIII treatment"?  

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Since Dragon Quest XI went gold on 17 June 2017, I thought it would be interesting to ask if people think Dragon Quest XI would get the "Dragon Quest VIII treatment"?


What do I mean by "Dragon Quest VIII treatment"? What I mean by "Dragon Quest VIII treatment" is adding voice acting in important cutscenes and replacing the synthesised MIDI soundtrack with the symphonic orchestrated soundtrack.


Feel free to share your reasons for voting a particular option and thoughts if you wish.



Whilst it would be nice if Dragon Quest XI does get the "Dragon Quest VIII treatment", I highly doubt that would be the case, given Square Enix's recent handlings with the Nintendo 3DS versions of Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII.


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I'm not sure. At this point I don't really care so long as we get the game. I'm fine with no voice acting, and have come to expect the music quality to be what it is until someone else takes over for Sugiyama. Love the guy's music, but he needs to stop being so withholding on his music rights. I've heard it's because of him and said rights we lost the symphonic music in the western releases of DQ7 and 8 3DS, and considering how a higher up at Square really had to convince Sugiyama to include symphonic music in DQ7 3DS for the Japanese release...



Anyway, if they give us some extras like we got for DQ8 PS2, then great. If not, I'll live. I can take the music for what it is since we know the Japanese version is getting the midi/synth in the first place.

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It's also hard for me to tell. Though if it does get a few upgrades/extras while making its way to the west, I do hope at least one the following (mostly for the PS4 version):

 - Fast Forward Button (like the one in FF XII: The Zodiac Age) - Even just during battles because the fights look like it's not as fast as DQ VIII's (PS2). 
 - I really hope that they'd retain names that are already supposed to be non-Japanese (those written in Katakana); I don't want Martina becoming "Chun Lo" or something.
  Also, I hope the Japanese version spell names that are already supposed to be in English in the first place will revert back to it - Pearly Gates becoming Grand Cross again, etc.

 - Better synth samples of the music tracks (better trumpet, drums, etc. sounds)
 - I'm okay with no VA.
 - No need to fancy up the menus. 

 - Make all party members visible in the field just like in the 3DS version (I won't mind if it takes a lot longer for them to work on it).

 - An extra "Restricted Play" option where enemies are not visible for those who prefer seeing blank landscapes.

 - Another option to make the game require a lot less grinding for those who don't want a full default game experience.

I'm completely aware that beggars can't be choosers so I'll still be satisfied with whatever the changes the game will undergo during localization.  >.<

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Doubt it. We'll be lucky just to get it. Square Enix isn't trying to roll out the red carpet to make Dragon Quest a thing anymore at this point.

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I've hoped that every NA DQ release would get the DQ8 treatment ever since we got DQ8. Voice acting is probably going to happen since we've been getting voice acting in the DQ Heroes games, so there's a crop of go to talent they can call upon. As for the orchestrated soundtrack, I'm still hopeful. Although it was shocking that the orchestral soundtrack was reversed in DQ7 3DS. That was a head scratcher.


Either way, I'll just be happy to see the game released in NA, period.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the localization added in voice acting. Could totally see that happen for the PS4 version.


As for the music, getting the soundtrack replaced depends largely on how early they decide to release a localization, and also how long it takes for a symphonic suite is made and released.

Going by the dates listed on the RPGfan for the last three mainline titles, the symphonic suites for VIII and IX were released several months after the initial release of their respective games. For DQX, the symphonic suite was released only a couple of months after the release of ver. 1, and the soundtrack being patched in with, if I recall correctly, version 2.


Taking footing the bill for symphonic release (or however it works) out the equation, I could see it happen if the localization takes a year to release. Otherwise, I think we're stuck with the original in-game soundtrack. I don't see DQXI being a game to receive updates and, while they most definitely could, I don't think they would ever release a DLC of some sort containing the symphonic soundtrack. Just a feeling of mine.

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make Dragon Quest a thing rawr XD


Anymore? SQEX hasn't tried to make Dragon Quest a thing in the west since V came out on the DS. Nintendo's been doing all the heavy lifting on that front. Heck, most of the news about SQEX and DQ is that they're kinda sorta maybe considering about getting off their butts about the international market.


(Heck, most Japanese developers are lazy about the international market).

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