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The Midnight Duel

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This is just a quick little micro tale that I felt like writing. Might as well take advantage of this area of the place. This will probably be three or four posts long, if you're curious. Anyway, here's the story.



The Midnight Duel


Crickets chirped loudly as Roland stood outside of the pub, eyes closed as he ruminated over dark thoughts, patiently waiting for someone to arrive. He was anxious, yet determined to see the upcoming meeting through. No matter what anyone said, it had to be done. He couldn't just let things stand as they were. There was no way in Hell he would.


Thinking back on what had happened only served to stoke the fires of rage within him, but that was exactly what he wanted. He needed that rage to course through him and give him strength. Without it, the sorrow would win out and render him unable to do what needed to be done. That wouldn't be acceptable, so he ignored the inner pain and focused on the memory of the worst night of his life.


It had begun like any other. He had gone to Argonia to visit Delilah, much as he had done every night prior. The journey from Farebury was a simple one, thanks to a quick cast of the Zoom spell. Roland knocked on her door like usual, and she let him in with a huge smile. She saw him every night, but the smile never diminished in intensity. He loved that, and loved her even more. She was his perfect maiden, and he her dashing hero. It was a match made in heaven.


Just as they were about to enjoy each other's company in more intimate fashion, there came another knock at the door. When Roland saw who it was, he thought nothing of it. The visitor was his truest friend, a man he trusted implicitly. There was nothing to worry about, save being slightly annoyed at being interrupted. Still, he could never be too annoyed at seeing his best friend. They had known each other since childhood, and Roland would always welcome his appearance.


Things were normal at first, but not long after, everything changed. A sword was drawn, blood was spilled, and the entire house was set ablaze by a powerful Kasizzle spell. Roland scrambled to save Delilah, but the the intense flames had taken her before he had a chance to do anything. He wanted to die right alongside her, but an Argonian soldier pulled him from the building before the flames could grant him the sweet release of death. His Delilah was gone, and he remained. It was torture for him, and he desperately wanted to end it all to be with his beloved.


He couldn't bring himself to take his own life though. Not before avenging his love and slaying the one who killed her, the man he once called his dearest friend. Once he had succeeded in that endeavor, then, and only then, could he accept death.


Roland was brought back to reality by someone's quiet arrival. He didn't bother to open his eyes, as he was well aware of who it was.


"Cain, glad you could make it," he said without a trace of emotion. "I'd began to wonder if you were brave enough to face me."


"It's better than having you hunt me down," Cain said, smiling despite the heavy atmosphere. "How have you been holding up?"


"You dare to even ask such an absurd question?" Roland exclaimed, opening his eyes to reveal deep blue orbs that barely hid the rage roiling beneath.


"What, can't I be worried for my friend?"


"Don't make me laugh! Our friendship dissolved the night you killed Delilah!"


"Perhaps that's true in your eyes, but not mine. No matter how you may feel, I will always be your friend."


"Keep such foolish notions to yourself!" Roland yelled angrily. "The only thing I want from you before you die is an explanation. Why...why did you kill Delilah?"


Cain spoke not a word, choosing to simply gaze at the stars. This was not a satisfactory answer for Roland, who lunged forward and grabbed Cain by his shirt collar. "Tell me! Tell me right now!"


"Why should I say anything? It won't bring her back," Cain finally replied after a while. "Just accept her death and move on."


"Not until I know why you murdered her," Roland said.


"The truth is beyond your comprehension at this point. You need not know it."


"If you refuse to tell me, then I will make you tell me."


"If that is your wish. I highly doubt the good people of Farebury will appreciate a murder in town," Cain said. "Perhaps we should go elsewhere."


"Fine by me," Roland said, quickly casting Zoom and sending him and Cain shooting off into the sky towards a new destination.



To be continued...

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