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My updated Itadaki Street Special Progress! Could use some DQ Fan


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I posted in Erdrick the Hero's thread, but I thought I'd make my own thread here. Things are going quite well with my little, unpolished facelift of MoxHyPa's translation of Itadaki Street Special. I'm pretty much done with text and working on graphics now. I'm hoping to get a patch out by the end of the month!










More here (some are early WIP shots that have been updated since)


So what help do I need. Well, it's mainly in regards to the Zenithia Stage. I've been using the notes from DQTranslations' scrapped translation, and I really had to do a lot of guesswork. It's even TRICKIER for me because I have yet to play V and VI and that's the games heavily referenced in this stage. And if someone can offer me a little insight as to what I should go with for a couple of these area names, I'd appreciate it



DQ Translations went with Dragonfolk's Room, but I thought this made no sense, I even tried scouring the Wiki and found nothing. The only "dragon room" I could recall is the room where you get Sparkie in Dragon Quest IV, and I found that last little Kanji can translate to Den so I went with Sparkie's Den, but I'm open to something that might be more accurate.




So I guess "Pusan" is a character in V but called Dr Agon officially in English (Is that supposed to be Doctor Agon or are you supposed to say it like DURR-AHGON?)



DQT was going to go with Dew Field, but then I recall that there's a pool where you get Yggdrasil Dew, so I just called it Dew Pool


ã‹ãã—ã‹ã„ã ã‚“

DQT was going to go with Hidden Temple, but there's no Temple, the only thing Hidden is the staircase, so I've gone with Staircase (Hidden Staircase was a little long even with the game's text compression)



DQT was going to go with Cloud Street, but doing research on the Wiki I found that there's a Zenithia called Cloudsgate Citadel, so i went with that. I'm thinking of shortening it to either Cloudsgate or Citadel, what do you guys think sounds better.


And the other things were easy to figure out like Dining Hall and the Zenithian Armor names introduced in VI?



My only other question is with Sphere names, named after various Item and Spell names. Took a while to crossreference the Japanese with the official English names,but I got it. Only trouble is I've got a 8 letter limit. What do you think sounds better abbreviations (S-Spring for Stamina Spring and SageSton for Sage's Stone) or should I just use single words (Chimaera for Chimaera Wing). Yeah I know there's the old Dragon Warrior localizations I COULD use in some cases, but I'm really trying to keep the Modern Dragon Quest localization as much as possible. Oh and speaking of Spheres. Anyone know these Spheres refer to?


商人ã®å¿ƒ "Merchant's Heart"

ä¿¡ã˜ã‚‹å¿ƒ "Believe Heart"


I get stuff relating to Merchant in DQIII, but can't seem to find the corresponding English name. There's also "æ—…ã®ã‚«ãƒ–屋", but I think that's the one Sphere not related to DQ OR FF in any way.

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I posted in my own thread, but I'd like to propose a collaboration, rather than having two separate projects going. I've solved the space issue already, and have a large portion of the graphics translated. Text is partially translated, though hasn't been inserted yet. (I am able to insert text, I just haven't done so since I started translating directly from a clean Japanese text source.)


I actually haven't played Sphere mode yet... I figure I'll get to that once I finish with Classic mode.

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I actually haven't played Sphere mode yet... I figure I'll get to that once I finish with Classic mode.

Dude... for real? Like at all? Man you're missing out! I don't think my sister or I could ever go back to regular Fortune Street after Spheres. It's as much of a step up from regular Fortune Street as regular Fortune Street is a step up from Monopoly. but yeah I'd be happy to help :), but as I said in the other thread, I'd want to finish up what I have (which is very VERY close) so that people have something to play that's better than what's out right now.

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