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DLC Item Manipulation

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This comes courtesy of ekomega and tw1g_007 from GameFAQs:


You can manipulate and change your DLC item to get an item you desire from the larger pool of potential items.  To do this requires the following:


1) Enter the menu -> "Misc." -> "Download Bonus Items"

2) When prompted to Save -> "Yes"

3) Immediately after being shown item, with the arrow pointing down and blinking ->

  1. If item is desired, press D-pad, L, R, A, B, X, Y, Start, or Select
  2. If item is undesired, press "Power" -> "Home" -> restart game and try again

4) If desired item is obtained, continue onward with the game!




This can be used to stock up on seeds for that perfect restart, or Gold Bars, and I've even heard it's possible, though exceedingly rare, to find Orichalcum (only one report of this ever made), mid/high level cheeses, etc.


Another VERY useful tactic with this, is if the new item is out, you're within the time period when it would definitely be present, and for some reason it didn't show up.  Just reset a few times and hopefully it appears.  If it's the day of release, and it is NOT appearing right away, then settle for another random DLC item that is acceptable and desired, and it should be much easier to snag the next day (if it doesn't appear the first check).

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