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Quest #169 - DQH2 Notable Quotable Questable

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We've had this quest more than a couple times, but with a brand new game, it's time to hear all those wonderful punny new jokes!


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify some of the most interesting or funny quotes that come across while playing the newly released Dragon Quest Heroes 2 game. Truly, the series has a veritable gold mine of classic lines and witticisms, and I'm sure this game will keep it up.
Each quote that is submitted must provide a bit more info than just the words that are spoken. We also need context. As such, submitted quotes should include:
1) The quote itself (obviously)
2) Who said it
3) To whom it was said (if applicable)
4) Under what circumstances did the quote take place
For example, for the above pictured quote, you could submit something like the following:
"Me? Hearing my name is enough to make anyone wet their knickers!"
- Spoken by Yangus to King Trode as the party tries to pass across "Yangus' bridge".
And what would any quest be without some good old fashioned ground rules? So here they are!
1) You may submit up to 5 quotes that will get voted on each.  Please feel free to submit as many as you want extra so that Woodus has a great deal of them for our Quote of the Day here.  Only your Top 5 - and you can change these until the quest ends, count.
2) You can only submit quotes from the English version DQH2 PS4/PC
3) In the event that two or more people submit the same quote, the first person to submit it will get to claim it for their top 5.
4) Submit your quotes right here.  Please put all of yours in the same post.  I'm not going to track them down.
5) You have until July 30th, 2017 to contribute your submissions.
Once all of the submissions have been gathered, the community will vote on which ones are the best. The three people who submit the top three quotes will receive a badge. Furthermore, all submitted quotes will be used by Woodus to update the "Quote of the Day" feature here at the Den.
That's it! Start your engines and get those hilarious or interesting quotes sent in!

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1. Ach, I'm in a quare auld pickle, so I am! - Torneko says to the Heroes and Desdemona when he arrives on the scene.


2. And I thought I'd always had the luck o' the -- That I always had luck on my side! - Torneko talking to the group (with an irish accent) during the battle with the Hoods


3. By the jaypers, ye've saved me bacon, so ye have! How can I every repay youse? - Torneko talking to the group after defeating the first Hood


4. Goowee! We're really in Accordia! It's like a dream come true! Look at how big and beautiful it is! I'm gooing all wobbly with excitement! - Healix to group when you arrive in Accordia


5. We'll peer into Cesar's earhole and find out what's going on in his thick head! - Lazarel says to the group when they are going to find out when Cesar is attacking




Honestly! That's the most important man in the world! When you speak to him, show some flipping respect! - Teresa lecturing Lazarel when talking to the High King


I thought the High King would be, er, a bit...taller... But I guess ‘Low King’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it...


Just what do these idiots want with us, anyway? - Maribel asking rhetorically when the army is attacking


Seriously!? More weirdos? Will someone tell me what exactly is going on here!? - Maribel talking to everyone in the middle of the Dunisian army battle.


'Sweetie'!? do you mind not talking to me like a three-year-old? - Maribel to Teresa after the Dunisian army battle


I DO have a name, you know! I am Maribel. And this flea-ridden little midget is Ruff! - Maribel introducing herself and Ruff


Lost as a potato in a fruit salad! - Torkeno when talking to Maribel and Ruff about being lost in this world

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Tag along with you!? Why on earth would we want to-

Maribel to the party upon being asked to join.

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You believe, because you are twinned, this makes you doubly correct? Foolish men! You are quadruply false! -Alena when confronting the twin kings


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