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Music Remix Request: "World of Demons" Theme (with iOS quality

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I've always been dissatisfied with every version of the "World of Demons" theme, EXCEPT for the one that played on the original SFC. For some reason, every remade version of the song (from the Symphonic Suite, to the DS release, to the iOS release, and etc.) increased the pitch by 2 semi-tones, increased the tempo, changed the instruments, and took out the reverb.  


So instead of the intimidating, oppressive atmosphere of the SFC, we have something that sounds more sophisticated and regal.  And while both takes have merit, the song is used in places where it seems like the player should be feeling threatened (like just before major boss fights).  So instead of THAT version, I'd like something that sounds more like this (if it's not an inconvenience):



But with iOS quality MIDI's.  Because as it turns out, there's someone who knows how to edit music files on the iOS version, and replace them.  It's a petty thing, I know; but that was seriously my favorite song in the SNES version. So if at all possible, I'd like it if someone could make a remade version of this song for the iOS.


Don't feel obligated of course.  Like I said, I know it's a petty thing.  It'd just be really nice to have.

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