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Dragon Quest X Online Config - Translated Executable

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Hi, everyone! Here's the Dragon Quest X Online Config Executable translated to English.

I actually came up with this project for personal use but the more progress I've made during the process, I really felt like this is something I should share.  :thumbsup: 



First and foremost, I know that there's a perfectly good reason to be suspicious with this, I'll mention below the programs needed if ever you decide to create your own translation instead of downloading and using the ones I worked on.
I'm actually surprised when Woodus pinned this almost as soon as I posted it! I guess that he already ran it through different anti-virus programs and made sure this isn't a Mimic.  ;) 

Even though I might sound a lot more suspicious by saying so (because I might appear persuasive), I'm still going ahead and inform you that this is virus/malware-free and it definitely doesn't have a built-in key logger of sorts. I don't have any knowledge whatsoever about developing viruses, etc. 

I've scanned it with a free version of Avast and Malware Bytes before uploading and scanned the Mediafire download as well just to make sure. It's still clean!

I'm just another DQ fan who simply has good Googling skills.  :) All I did was hex edit certain files in the executable where the Japanese texts are stored and recompiled it. How tos for hex editing isn't that too hard to Google.

If ever you don't trust Mediafire (I read what was probably a conspiracy theory about Mediafire tweaking unprotected files), please let me know of a better alternative to upload it to.

I've been studying Japanese almost daily for more than 6 months now. I just started Intermediate Japanese grammar last month but I've put it on hold because I no longer have lots of free time. My Japanese is still that of a Kindergarten student though!  :laugh: 

I worked on this project around the last week of December until the first week of January (about 2 weeks), losing sleep over it. At first I thought that undertaking this project wouldn't be that hard because the things needed to be translated aren't that many judging by the things we can see in the Config at first glance. There were times that I felt like pulling my hair but in the end, I think it's all worth it!

I tried translating all the Japanese texts I could find in the executable and I believe I've translated about 90 - 95%. There are some that I couldn't find in the menus itself. I guess those text only come up as prompts that pop up on a particular occasion (errors, etc.) and some texts for debugging, which I mostly left alone.

I'd really appreciate your feedbackCommments, questions and suggestions are more than welcome! 

And if you could point out typos (other than the one you can see in the screenshot above. Lol!), grammatical mistakes (English isn't my native language), please let me know about it here and I'll work on it as soon as I have lots of free time again.

In most cases, I wasn't/am not able to fit grammatically correct descriptions in the Tool Tips so they end up sounding like Engrish. If you need clarifications about the options, feel free to ask it here.

See NOTES section below for more details about the way I translated stuff.



Thanks to Google for leading me to the following two main tools necessary for translating it:
  •  - Resource Hacker which lets me view, extract and replace most of the contents of an executable file (DQXConfig.exe). 
    * Just open DQXConfig.exe with it.
    *The Japanese options we see in the Config can be found in the files in the first folder "ETP"; 193:1041 and 247:1041.
    *Just Right-Click each file and choose "Save "." resource..." then choose your preferred location to save it in. I chose to name it using the same numbers to help me remember what file I'm working on and it'd be less confusing to recompile it.
    *You then just need to open those files in the hex editor below. No other hex editor can display the Japanese characters correctly.
  •  - wxMEdit, a hex editor, and probably the only one that lets us view the Japanese characters in certain files in the executable.
    When you open either file (193:1041 or 247:1041) from the ETP folder as instructed above, all Japanese text will show up as garbled symbols and letters.
    To display the Japanese text correctly, simply click View > Encoding > Unicode > [uTF-8] Unicode 8 bit

I also shouldn't forget to mention the following as well;
  •  - GIMP for editing a couple of images with Japanese texts on it.
  •  - Capture2Text, a small "OCR" application that lets me capture Japanese texts in simple fonts and...
  •  - Free Online OCR (www.newocr.com) for Japanese texts in different fonts found in images.
  •  - Google TranslateBing Translator, and Babylon for the translation. 
    *Google Translate offered the translations that makes sense most of the time more than Bing Translator did. 
    ​Babylon was just a last resort when the first two could only offer unintelligible translations though it more crappy translations than the first two did.  :laugh:
  •  - Jisho.org, to help me make sure about the translations and a good way to find Kanji characters that the OCR fail to accurately capture.



I'm not supposed to release it today because I still have some tests to do but I just read earlier in the Questions and Answers topic that someone's friend is having a bit of trouble about the Chat Settings so I felt like I should share this today to help out. 
  •  - Go to where the game files are installed ( I used a custom installation directory for mine but I think the default is; C:\User\Games\SquareEnix\DRAGON QUEST X\ )

    There should be two folders in the DRAGON QUEST X folder: Boot and Game
  •  â€‹- Open the Game folder and you'd see your game's original DQXConfig.exe there along with DQXGame and DQXOffline. There's no need to touch those other two files. 
    Right-click on a blank area to make a New Folder and name it "Backup". It's better to be safe. 
    I am not liable for any inconvenience caused by having to download and reinstall due to corrupted/missing files.
  •  - You can then either move the original DQXConfig.exe file to the Backup Folder we just made or just copy and paste it in there instead.
  •  - ​Extract the edited DQXConfig file to the Game folder. If you still have the original .exe there because you chose to copy and paste a backup of it instead of moving it, simply overwrite it with the edited one when prompted.

    Update: If you're using an updated Avast just like I do, it might scan it first because it is an Unknown file and eventually tell you that it will submit it to their end for further testing and cracking. It might take a while. 

    Back when I was working on it, Avast didn't have the "submit" feature yet and all it did was scan it, finds out that it's actually clean, and then launches the Config without any other hassle.

    *Now I am required to right-click and check the file's Properties to let it Open as Admin. I'm not sure if Avast modifies it to stop me from launching it without Admin permissions.

    Update 2: Avast's behavior I mentioned above only occurs if you run it from a different folder/location. If you overwrite the actual executable with it in the Game Folder, it doesn't occur.  

​Additional Info:

  •  - You can actually extract it anywhere you like, the Desktop for example, but I don't think the changes you make in the Config will actually be applied to the game. Also, the Recommended Settings button won't work. It will fail and tell you to reinstall the game. 
  •  - The Key Presets and the GamePad Presets will be blank if you don't extract it to the correct directory. 
  •  - Saving the changes you make will make the app crash. So I guess the purpose of using this outside the correct directory is for simulation purposes only. But then, accessing some of the settings and features of the Config app will sometimes make it crash.
  •  - You can't open both the edited and the original Config app at the same time. (An error along the lines of "another instance already running")
  •  - IMPORTANT: Whenever the game gets a new update, the edited DQXConfig executable will be overwritten with a new one.

    So far, I saw no big changes between the one I've edited and the current DQXConfig version.

    If I'm not mistaken, the version I've edited is about 2 - 3 updates behind but it still works with the latest updates the game received. 

    KEEP IN MIND THAT WHENEVER THE GAME GETS AN UPDATE, always copy the update DQXConfig.exe and overwrite the one in the Backup folder you make. So this way, you'll have an updated Backup of the executable.

    If ever SE completely changes the game's Config app (new buttons, tabs, options, etc.) then I doubt this will work with the game anymore. Please let me know here so I could also attempt to translate it.

  •  - Please note though that I tend to be OCD-ish at times. I left some of the Japanese words and English terms they used intact and even chose to keep some of the Japanese symbols such as "※", which will displayed as a "?" if your system's region isn't set to Japan, just to stay true to the original. Kinda like how I miss some of the original Japanese spell names, etc.  :laugh:  Example; "Button Guides", which refer to the button icons the game uses to represent GamePad buttons in the game.
    But I may eventually change it if there's a demand for it. 
  •  - Some of the Tool Tips might be too vague. I asked one of my Japanese Language Exchange partner and he told me that the Japanese explanations aren't that clear as well. 
  •  - I decided to use the closest English words for most of the Japanese terminologies for now, such as "Direction Key", which I later found out, seemed to refer to the D-Pad on controllers instead of the ones on the keyboard. And also 
  •  - ​I've also translated even the Japanese texts in all images, not just the Dragon Quest X Config Dracky banner.
  •  - About the Mouse Settings dropdown box items, they appear in a separate file and I actually translated those as well but for some inexplicable reason, it still appears in Japanese!  >.<  I tried opening the .exe itself in the hex editor and I coudn't find those untranslated Japanese text anymore. I really can't find out why this is so so I just gave up on it and left it at that. 
    It's possible that its getting those text values from someplace else (another file outside the Config executable).
  •  - There were some cases though where there's only one appropriate English word to translate it to according to the context but I couldn't fit in so I had to cut it short instead, such as "Sense" for "Sensitivity".
  •  - This is Version 1. In the second, and most likely the final version, I'll try polish the translation and resize the dialogue boxes/pop-up prompts to make the texts fit better. 

RAMBLINGS continued:

- Google Translate seemed to have improved a lot since I last tried using it to translate Itadaki Street for the PSP (which I didn't complete after the hard drive where I had the project saved failed). 
Probably 2/3rds (60 - 75%) of the translations were spot on compared to Bing's translations.
- I get the feeling that the translations Google Translate offered were probably "contributions" made by other users, which suggests that I'm not the first person to attempt translating the Config App. 
Anyway, since most of the time, I didn't have enough space to copy the exact translations, I lazily substituted some of the words with a synonym with the least number of letters just to make the words/sentences fit. 
If ever I decide to tackle pointer tweaking in the hex editor, I might come up with version 3 which should let me fit longer texts.


If you have any issues with it, let me know and I'll try to help you a.s.a.p.

EDIT: Polished this post to make it more organized. Included a few details for those who want to translate their own DQXConfig executable.
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Cool, thanks. Pinning this topic :thumbsup:

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Cool, thanks. Pinning this topic :thumbsup:

You're welcome! 

So far, the only other computer I tested it on is a laptop.


If I have lots of free time again, I'm gonna polish it up and probably release the English-translated Launcher as well!


I also have another project that I've put on hold for now; a PowerPoint presentation made up of in-game screenshots to emulate in-game menus with English translations as Tool Tips (hover your mouse pointer over it to see the translation). My goal is to make it a point and click presentation that mimics the game's various in-game menu navigation.



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That sounds cool too :thumbsup:

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Hmm, I actually almost did this (with the same tools, too), but was worried about the executables being updated right away. Thanks! Hopefully it's update-proof.

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This is fantastic! All your work is much appreciated. 


If you want, I can post about this on my social media pages. That's pretty much Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit. 

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Hmm, I actually almost did this (with the same tools, too), but was worried about the executables being updated right away. Thanks! Hopefully it's update-proof.


Oh, so I guess you're the one who seems to have fed Google Translate the Japanese texts and contributed to the better translation of said texts?  :thumbsup: 


Anyway, you're welcome!

I only remembered about how this project might be useless because of the updates  after  I finished translating it!  >.< 

It took me 2 weeks to work on it and as soon as I tried running the game, it was overwritten by the update. I tried overwriting the updated one and thankfully, it still works so I guess it was still all worth it.


That's why I decided to try and translate the Launcher found in the Boot folder (and the rest of the executables where the Japanese error texts and other prompts the Launcher uses) as well. I managed to edit the text displayed while the game is updating such as the countdown timers ( 3 mins. 17 secs. left), etc.


2 - 3 updates later, the Config program still works but the other edited executables no longer work (gives me "Windows can't run this App" error and sometimes, asks me to reinstall the game, etc.) after the latest update except for the Launcher.

I can still overwrite the updated Launcher with the edited one but the Japanese errors, prompts, etc. are back. 


If I've thought about the updates right before undertaking the Config and Launcher project, I would've perished the thought!

I guess it's thanks to my forgetfulness (stupidity) that I've endeavored doing this project. Now I kinda have a slight idea how terribly hard it is to localize something (in my case, on my own).   :laugh: 


If ever they do decide to stop using the same old Config program and create an entirely new one, I'm still going to translate too while hoping that they'd keep that iteration of the program for several updates to come before they come up with another one.



This is fantastic! All your work is much appreciated. 


If you want, I can post about this on my social media pages. That's pretty much Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit. 

Sure, go ahead!  :thumbsup: 


I have another translation project in mind that's probably twice or trice as much work the Config and Launcher gave me (see my reply to Woodus' post).

I was actually planning to release the Config translation together with the PowerPoint presentation project (which I haven't started yet) but someone needed help regarding the game's config settings so I told myself what the heck and release it even if it's not polished.


I haven't sifted through the program yet. I was actually quite surprised how I missed the typos. I tried proofreading it only twice, I think.

I only found out about the typos as soon as I posted the screenshot here! 


If you are able to try it out yourself, please let me know about the typos and if other setting explanations are too vague to understand. I'd appreciate if you could provide me a better, and hopefully, much shorter English translation fit it in there.  :wd_coolslime: 



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