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Having Some PC Audio Problems

Erdrick The Hero

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Recently I built a new desktop computer and during the little bit of time I've been home since finishing the build, I've been setting up various *things*. I'm having two issues related to audio:


1) My Bluetooth headphones (NCredible Flips) connect and play audio, but are prone to seemingly random bouts of silence, that are only corrected by disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times, or rapidly switching the default playback device between my TV (audio over HDMI through my graphics card) and my headphones (connected via a USB-Bluetooth adapter). The silence also happens any time I have Caustic 3.2 open (dunno if the problem is specific to this version, I did just update the application today, but I haven't tried to use the headphones with this program before I updated it), regardless of whether or not it was working for other applications - the other applications will become silent as well until I close Caustic, and even then, sometimes the problem persists. No matter the cause of the problem, the Playback Devices dialogue box continues to show the headphones as connected and playing audio, even though no sound is coming from the speakers. I have no connection issues between the headset and my phone or iPad, so the problem must be with the computer. It could very well just be that Windows has poor support for Bluetooth audio - this is the first of many Bluetooth audio devices for which I could actually install a driver for.


2) Due to a lack of proper speakers and a proper amp, I've plugged my record player into the Line-In jack on the back of my computer, and set Windows to "listen" to the device (i.e., mix the input from this port into the default audio output). As with all record players, I can hear a minute amount of sound coming from the record/needle themselves, but nothing is playing through my speakers (Headset or TV). I did test with a pair of earbuds, and while they were incredibly quiet due to the lack of an amp, the output on the player seems to work fine.


I'm not sure what to try next in troubleshooting either problem. Perhaps someone here has some ideas?


Computer specs, in case they're needed:

Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.2 GHz (this can be overclocked to 4.5, but I haven't felt the need to bother with it)


nVidia GeForce 960GT 2GB (EVGA)

Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

More details as needed...


...I no longer have the packaging for the Bluetooth adapter, but it's a Kensington brand device that supports up to Bluetooth 4.0.

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