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DQH2 Docked Switch Gameplay

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Wow, I'm pretty impressed how clean it runs, and how few differences there are with the PS4 version.  Given the amount of flash, I have to wonder if the severe downgrade of DQX is more to do with latency and lag issues in conjunction with potential frame skipping on a player's end.  Reducing overall load to keep a consistently smooth connected experience?  That or they showcased how it looks in mobile mode, because this little showcase definitely demonstrates all of the alterations aren't necessary graphically for the system, at least in tv mode.


I really want a switch.

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I downloaded the demo, good thing about no longer having region lock.
It looks good enough, I personally think it nice. I do notice drop in frame-rate...but in terms of the demo it ran well enough. Not tried handheld mode yet.

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Sweet, put my preorder down.

Seems like Nintendo might be publishing this one, nice to seem them still trying to push Dragon Quest in the west. I was worried after Dragon Quest VII they might be worried about continued support. I hope this means they help make Dragon Quest XI happen as well, at the very least its a good sign.

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