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DQVIII is #3 in Top Selling Portable Games for January!

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So if you were wondering just how well Dragon Quest 8 was doing, fear not! It's doing fairly well! 


According to GameSpot and a few other sites, the top selling portable games for January are in this ranking:  


January 2017 Top 10 Portable Games

  1. Pokemon: Sun*

  2. Pokemon: Moon*

  3. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King*

  4. Super Mario Maker*

  5. Super Smash Bros.*

  6. Mario Kart 7*

  7. Mario Party: Star Rush*

  8. Kirby: Planet Robobot*

  9. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon*

  10. Animal Crossing: New Leaf*

I was worried about the sales mainly due to how many people have said, "I'm not buying it because I already own a copy" or "I'm not buying it due to censorship." Nice to see I was proven wrong. 

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(Slow claps and is followed by a thunderous applause)

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*steps away to pick up megaphone*


*deep breath*


$#!& yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Dragon Quest for life!

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...not to be that guy but....that's not really stiff competition. Of course it was going to be behind Pokémon, everything always is, but it's only ahead of a bunch of older titles.

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Most of those were also released at least 3 years ago.


A fair portion are older than 6 months as well.


I suppose in light of all releases in total, that's pretty good.  Though I should point out DQ7's figures, when released, along with other new titles, were high enough to bump past the old games.  So it's hard to say for sure without actual numbers.  I wonder why they won't put numbers in their lists anymore.  That was THE staple until about 8 months ago, maybe 1 year ago.


I will say the greater positive is none of the 3DS or Wii U sales count for digital sales.  Those are based solely on physical, and sadly competing with a Sony handheld that's all but dead.


It is still great news though.  I'm just sad that we can't know what the actual physical sales numbers are.


One thing that is a major bonus, this only accounts for the first week and 4 days.  That's it.  Sales start slowing down to a trickle within three weeks.  So that's competing with very popular mass culture appeal titles that had been selling for 20 extra days that same month.  So definitely positive.


Plus Amazon's treatment of the game suggests decent sales for them.


Thanks for the share Imutone.

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Yeah, given that some of these are older, like Smash Bros, I wouldn't take it to mean much yet.


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Oh totally. I get that this isn't much to go on. But it's not completely wild to assume that Nintendo is somewhat pleased with whatever number of physical copies that has been sold. Especially for a dying console.


I'd say we could wait for February's sales and see how it faired a month in against Poochy and Yoshi Woolly World but really we do need the actual number of copies sold.


I believe it's a business strategy to not reveal number that have been sold. Amazon did that for the Kindle.

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