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No canon/default name for hero?

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I really like the idea of his name actually being Guv. Given his ancestry, it is kind of fitting too.

Neve rhaving played VIII before, will I regret naming him this?
That depends. Do you want an actual name, or a nickname?

Actual, but I've been on the naming screen for four hours now so I'm getting desperate.

If you're taking that long, how about using your name, or the name you use here?

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With DQ, I usually go with either the number of the game written out (so Eight in this case) or if I'm not in a numerical sort of mood at the time, Bane, because that's the name a deceased friend used for his hero when I lent him my copy of the first Dragon Warrior. Currently, I'm using Bane on DQBuilders.

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Er, Guv's.. not his actual name. It's a nickname. Although naming the hero leads to a funny situation on the boat to Peregrin Quay where Jessica asks the hero if she should refer to him as "Guv" like Yangus does, or by his actual name.


I think for the sake of convenience, Eight is the closest thing to a so-called "canon" name, much like Auster is for VII's Hero.

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