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King Cureslime (big green slime) in DQVI

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First two areas of the Fungeon.  Floors 1 and 2.  Only places they exist.  Annoying, I know, and silly, as it would have added some nice tension knowing they existed in the main game.

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Thank you for the reply. I actually ended up finding the answer beforehand but I had to translate a Japanese site to do it. Not one Wiki had the answer and I figured if a Japanese site didn't have it, this site surely would.

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Yes.  The recruitment sequence is slightly different.


        | Dragon Quest VI iOS/Android changes from DS version       |
        |  1. Suite Dreams altered from multi-player tag-based      |
        |     system, to an internalized single-player system,      |
        |     allowing access to Curie, Shelley, and Mercury prior  |
        |     to the post-game without requiring either a secondary |
        |     DS and game copy, a friend with a game copy, or an AR |
        |     to code in new Dreamcards.                            |
        |  2. The new Suite Dreams system scatters 16 Dreams across |
        |     multiple bookcases throughout the game.  The first 6  |
        |     collected unlocks Curie, who is still required to grab|
        |     Shelley.  Mercury is unlocked by the collection of the|
        |     16th and final piece.  This will culminate and end in |
        |     Gallow's Moor, and can be done before finishing       |
        |     Gallow's Moor, or even battling Dogmus and Zozagel,   |
        |     for those challenge artists who wish to defeat Dogmus |
        |     in the only fight available with him.


I still haven't added the changes to my FAQ yet, so here:


4) Suite Dreams now requires finding 16 Dreams from various bookshelves. There is no order required for them, so the best possible order I came up with is the following:

* Number 1: Well South of Amor. Dream World.
* Number 2: Fortune Teller on the Western edge of the continent with Somnia that's inaccessible until after Clearvale. She's just SE of Medford's Manor for the fastest Zoom. Dream world.
* Number 3: Sunken Ship. Real world.
* Number 4: Turnscoat, NW exterior. Real world.
* Number 5: Felonia Castle, 2F far right. Real world.
* Number 6: Felonia Castle, adjacent building where the Queen Mother lives. Real world.
* Number 7: Poseidon's Palace. Real world.
* Number 8: Underwater Shrine near Howcastle. Real world.
* Number 9: Suite Dreams. Basement. Dream world. <<- Pick up Curie along with this!
* Number 10: Suite Dreams. Basement. Dream world.
* Number 11: Sorceria, NW stairs, that underground area. Dream world.
* Number 12: Sorceria, NW stairs, that underground area. Dream world.
* Number 13: Castle Graceskull, top floor. Dream world.
* Number 14: Cloudsgate Castle, library, lower right. Dream world.
* Number 15: Greedmore Valley. ...I'm guessing the mansion with the rich bastard that sends you on the ridiculous quest for money, for the Sage's "treasure." Dreadrealm.
* Number 16: Gallows Moor. The only house that exists within the prison, sounds like the second floor of the Inn. Dread Realm.



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Thanks. Yeah I remember when I played DQV PS2, I recruited a Cure Slime and a Metal Babble as well as two Slime Knights. I love the Metal Babble not just because of the experience although that is mostly the reason. The other reason is I love the silver color.

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