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Kahns DQ Collection

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Few years old but fond memories of Luida's Bar in Roppongi: 

Luida's Bar


Collection photos (at least of the DQ goodies):

Sofubi Figures

Large Sofubi Figures

Slime plushies

Shelving Top Display

Mini figures

DQ Video Games

DQ Mini Figures

Assorted DQ Folders

DQ Books 2

DQ Books 1

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Work great for small figures - can pick them up at Michael's Arts and Crafts.  Retails for $50ea but usually can find coupons for 40-50% off.

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That's what I was thinking. I'm someone who likes to have figures as decor but doesn't want to spend the gross price that are asked for regular sized ones so I stick to little ones. A little case with glass would help keep them organized and I wouldn't have to worry about dust.


Michael's prices are also gross but 90% of the time they put their overpriced stuff on a steep discount or in clearance eventually.

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