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DQ Fukubiki (����) Lottery Campaigns

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Placeholder thread for running history of lottery campaigns and merch information for fellow collectors.  I think annotated all of them, please let me know if dates are correct or if I missed any.



DQ Campaign 2010  - 20100522_529748.jpg



DQ 25th Anniversary Campaign 2011 - 7akiba-616.JPG


DQ Campaign 2013? 92a45403.jpg


DQ Campaign 2014? 52f4940661ed9.jpg 1f0cd258.jpg


DQ Campaign 2015 - 610bb71bf68e48853a71aecb6ecfa0df97cfc460



DQX Campaign 2012? 8fb2a6e7.jpg


DQX Campaign 2014? 001.jpg

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I think your 25th anniversary and 2013 ones are swapped around a bit, I was still living in Japan when Fukubiki Special 2 came out, I have most of the prizes (excluding the A sword and shield and the D mini sword.) As I moved back in August 2011, I know I got them there. :P


I do remember seeing the Heroes one when I went back to visit in 2015, though, but everywhere I went was almost out of my favorite bits. :/

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I participated in some Dragon Quest lotteries back in 2007/2008 when I lived in Japan, so they are definitely older than 2010.

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