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Hi there. New to the forums, just wasn't sure where else to ask about Super Light.


I'm Level 72 on the Japanese Version of the game on my old tablet. What I want to do is transfer the data to my new phone that is now able to run the game.


This is not the SEA version. (Although I have this installed too, but I dont really want to restart)


I see an icon on the title screen that looks like a transfer system symbol, but I have no idea what it is or how to make it work. It wont take any of the text I enter either. (It looks like it is a phone with an arrow pointing to another phone with a slime on it).


Hopefully someone can assist me. Thank you.

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Hi bro, data transfer works like this:

Its basically "data save".

1st off > is you are prompted to make a "secret password" twice. minimum of 4 characters and must be in "Hiragana" text. you will have to find a english text converter on google.

2nd > then it will ask for your email address twice. then verification code will be sent to your email inbox.

3rd > once you entered the verification code, you will again receive an email containing your ID along with the secret code and secret password. you must keep that information. that is the only way to retrieve your account when you change devices.

*KEEP NOTE > you have to ALWAYS make a SAVE DATA  everytime you successfully transfer your save data to a new device and keep your save data details SAFE.


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