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Ignasia's DQ VII Data Dump Thread

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Interesting.  Running tests in the game, and doing a direct comparison between Sword and Magic's list and the list ripped directly from the code, Sword and Magic has a few errors, and I'm finding this list more accurate when it comes to resistance tables.  Unless there were changes made accidentally in the localization.

Most are identical, it's just a handful of differences.

#26, Walking Corpse

Ripped from the code:

        メ:×    ギ:×    イ:×    ヒ:×    バ:×    デ:×    死:×    光:×    幻:×    眠:×    吸:×

        魔:×    乱:×    守:×    毒:×    休:×    踊:◎   炎:×    雪:×    打:×    痺:×    仲:×

Sword and Magic:

メ:× ギ:× イ:× ヒ:× バ:× デ:× 死:× 光:× 幻:× 眠:× 吸:◎
魔:◎ 乱:× 守:× 毒:× 休:× 踊:◎ 炎:× 雪:× 打:× 痺:× 仲:×
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That was too easy.

Maybe I'm intruding on something personal, but I can honestly say I appreciate both of you guys. Yangus, I can always get a chuckle out of you, and our mutual interest in Atlus games is neat. And Iggy

Yeah, I pretty much just use regular streetpass, since it seems to work a little funny. Streetpass data is typically saved to the SD Card, but your Monster Levels and immigrant town are connected to y

Super Kiefer permanent #3.  Only this one has Maribel + Hero with 0 EXP (I let the first set of slimes flee).

Stat comparisons (the original I can't find my pictures from or posts of, which is odd, as I know I took them and left one here, but alas, not found):

#1 / 2 / 3

Strength:   458 / 570 / 447
Agility:    188 / 182 / 185
Resilience: 685 / 687 / 691
Wisdom:     293 / 298 / 297
Style:      211 / 172 / 246
Attack:  573 / 634 / 567
Defense: 820 / 807 / 821
Max HP: 938 / 909 / 893
Weapon:    Hela's Hammer     / War Hammer        / Hela's Hefty Hammer
Armour:    Windcheater       / Windcheater       / Full Plate Armour
Shield:    Shimmering Shield / Shimmering Shield / Shimmering Shield
Helm:      Mythril Helm      / Iron Mask         / Slime Crown
Accessory: Lucky Pendant     / Eye of Rubiss     / Eye or Rubiss

Timestamp: 170~250ish hours / 130ish hours / 30:33


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