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Dragon Quest VIII PS2 Item Sprites

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Thanks to Denizen quasi_stomach for sending in the sprite images for all of the Accessories, Armour, Cheese, Helmets, Items, Ingredients, Shields and Weapons.


I have added them to their respective lists in the Dragon Quest VIII PS2 section


I also 2x scaled them (no anti-aliasing) so when you click on the images you can get a larger view of the items.




gold_bracer_th.png boxer_shorts_th.png super_spicy_cheese_th.png sun_crown_th.png gold_nugget_th.pngvenus_tear_th.pngbig_boss_shield_th.png uber_double_edge_th.png

Edited by Woodus
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Thanks, quasi_stomach and Woodus. It's great to have these. :D

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