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Quest Update - 3 new, more going on!

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3 new Quests in honor of DQVII 3DS!


Quest #156 - Purchase DQVII 3DS 


Preorders are over, go buy the game already you bums!


Quest #157 - DQVII Light-Speed (or maybe impulse speed) Quest


For the first 10 people to finish DQVII 3DS


Quest #158 - Notable Quoteable DQVII 3DSable


Find 5 or more awesome quotes from the new translation of DQVII 3DS.


Don't forget about Builders:


Quest #155 - #BuildingAFanbase all over the place!


Build cubes and post where you leave them on Social Media!


Congrats to recent quest completors:


146A - Preorder DQVII




The Dog of Zahan

Anrui Ukimi





146B - Preorder DQVIII




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I have mixed feelings about speeding through the game. I want to enjoy everything, but I want to tame a Gigadraco too....and Numen knows there at the last dungeon...

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