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DQVI: So did they find themselves? (Spoilers!)

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I'm nearing the end of Dragon Quest VI and started to think about the characters and their true selves... So at the beginning of the game the real versions of the hero, Milly and Carver confront Mudou - only to get defeated and turned to stone. Then their dream world versions tumble into the real world and start to save the day and find their true bodies.



His story is the easiest to grasp. He finds his true body at Mudou's castle, becomes his old self and remembers his past. There's just one thing bothering me... My memory is a little blurry, but didn't Carver find his true body before the hero realized that he's the prince of Somnia? Why didn't Carver say anything about that and his previous adventures with Hero and Milly?



For some reason his body became alive (seriously, why did this happen?) and started a new life without his dream self (and his memories). When they finally found each other, he kind of became a new being because they were seperated for too long. Madame Luca Luminista restores some of his memories but he still isn't quite the same after all that happened to him.



When Sorceria was destroyed, Ashlynn and all other residents were killed. But due to their strong magic abilities they were able to save their dream world selves. Thanks to Hero, Carver and Milly she became visible in the real world but she will never be able to find her true body or regain all of her memories.



She's the one I don't really understand. Madame Luca Luminista found her dream version invisibly wandering in the real world and then helped her to get visible. When Hero and Carver met her, she still was her dream self and didn't remember her former partners. But when both hero versions fused Madame Luca Luminista said that (contrary to the hero) Carver and Milly would remember everything because they found their bodies early. When did Milly find it? Did this happen off-screen?


So to answer the title question: I'd say "yes" to Carver and Milly, "partially" to Hero and "no" to poor Ashlynn. It's all a little confusing, though...


What are your thoughts? Am I missing something? ^^

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