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I saw that #Top5ZeldaGames was trending this morning on Twitter, so I started the same hashtag about Dragon Quest.  If everyone wants to post theirs to Twitter or Facebook, maybe we can get this DQ hashtag to trend.


Here's what I posted:


1. Dragon Warrior IV
2. @DragonQuest III
3. Dragon Quest VI
4. Dragon Quest VIII
5 Dragon Quest IX
#DQ30th #DQForMeToo




I used @DragonQuest once, to give them the option of visibility.  I made sure to include the Hashtag #Top5DragonQuestGames, and some additional DQ hashtags at the bottom.  I was one character short, so I had to get rid of the . after 5.

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I formatted the same way but I couldn't get the last two tags in.


Not sure, unless there were extra spaces or characters.



1. Dragon Warrior

2. DragonQuest VIII

3. Dragon Quest Heroes

4. Dragon Quest VII

5 Dragon Quest Builders



Thanks.  Can you post that to Twitter, Facebook or both?

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