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Monster Recruiting in fan games. How to for VX Ace.

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In WQM, I have monsters recruiting through story, and events. I do, however, have a great way for you other fan game makers to make monsters recruitable like in Dragon Quest Monsters.


Step 1. RPG Maker VX Ace.


Step 2. Get the Post-Battle Events script by Hime.


Step 3. An event that runs when the battle begins. It sets a variable for each monster slot filled to 0 for monsters that need bribing, and a random number of your choosing for monsters you have a chance of getting no matter what. Even consider a conditional branch for if you have one that roles lower odds or a 0 only if you have it. These variables will be reusable every battle and reset for each occupied slot.


Step 4. Post battle event tagged to only run when the battle ends through Himes script. Make a conditional branch for each monster that runs only if the random variable is at least X, X being the number needed to tame. Meat items should add a solid amount to each possible variable slot whenever used and be only usable in battle. (If you want to complicate meat as having a separate out of battle effect, that's a whole other how to.)


Example. Step four means that Mad Raven may start battle with a 1-30 or greater randomly rolling, with 30+ as a condition for him to reappear after battle to be recruited on the battle end screen. Beef Jerky may add a 20 to the variable for every slot, which is reset next battle anyways so meat can't be bugged. Meeting the 30+ has the event conditions run for naming him and taking him. Event commands will run to wipe, then set his exp appropriately and maybe even assign his class to a pre designated character slot that can be over written similarly later. The events for the extra monsters will now run, unless you choose to create a label that skips past them after the first monster is caught. Players will prefer to have the opportunity for multiple pick ups.


Step 5. The catching them part is done, and can be templated out for all other encounters that have recruiting. Now here's the hard part. You'll want X amount of characters for ranch slots or w/e. You'll want a switch for each slot, so you can conditionally set the battle recruit to drop into the first off switch. On means a monster occupies the character slot and it's class and exp was written in. When you release a monster, you'll have that switch go off. If the switch is on, that monster with it's name will be addable at you ranch or w/e. If you want custom dialogue based on class, you can either condition that out by class for the event NPC version of the monster when he isn't marked in the party, or do it through variables giving each event npc version a different event page for the assigned variable # upon recruit to that slot. It's probably easier and faster to just condition it rapidly on one page for the dialogue based on class.




While this explanation may not be the cleanest, if you start to go through the motions, you'll find it's pretty easy once you've successfully made your first recruitable monster. I almost considered switching WQM to this method, but I really like the idea that all recruits in WQM will have small back stories instead. If you needed this type of functionality, but this explanation isn't sufficient, feel free to post here.

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I've done this and it replicates well, however I can't get a name input processing to occur during battle. So I set a random variable to give a monster a preset name.


It'll be a little challenging 15 slots for monster recruits.




Slime wants to joins you say yes. This Turns "Mon 1" (A blank Actor in the games data) into a Slime. A variable called "MonstersJoin" gets +1 so that the next monster joins will be "Mon 2".

5 recruits later you decide to release Slime.

MonstersJoin is now 7.

Mon 7 is the next monster to be added.


To go back a actor slot is simple, just set "MonstersJoin" back to whatever monster you release. Getting it back to "Mon 7" afterwards is where I'm stumped.


I'm trying to think of a quicker way of handling this. Right now it'll take a bunch of common events one for each monster slot. I'll post any ideas I come up with.

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Getting it back to slot 7 afterwards is stumping you. Explain better and I'll give an example of an efficient process. I'll try for what I think is the issue.


I'd have a switch for each monster slot. Conditional branches if switch 1 off. Conditional branch if switch 2 off. Ect.


If it hits slot 7 first as open, it adds the monster to slot 7 and flips the switch. It writes the class stats into the actor. It toggles variables for the monster to show up right visibly roaming in the ranch for the switch and variable. It does actor graphic and face graphic actor assigning. It writes a pre set name from a random variable roll pull then lets you name the monster custom.


The release turns that switch off and unquips the monster actor so you can't add the monster and the recruiting process sees it open... and writes over the existing actor monster.


Determining open ranch slot is easy by switch. Past the 15 conditional branches open recruit is the option to release a monstet or deny the recruit.


Hope this helped.

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Thanks I had already figured it out.


I've got 10 slots and 10 recruit-able monsters now. The swapping list is a little bland I may make a variable that shows the monsters sprite and level.


Issues now:


For the switches during battle with two or more recruit-able types of monsters:


example- A Slime and Dracky appear, both are recruit-able.


Killing the Slime sets a variable "Recruit" = 1 which after the battle will run the chances for getting a slime


Doing the same for the Dracky will set the variable to 2 and do processing for the Dracky.


My issue is that upon killing the last monster in battle that variable is never activated, resulting in the 2nd to last monster defeated being the one that is likely to join.


Anyway I can halt the end of battle process to allow the last monster on the field to activate their variable? 


I'll be looking into that this week.

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I could make a capture snare item that sets which monster you'd want to capture, the issue is if it runs away and is the last monster it can still "get up" and join.


Which causes the issue for capturing metalslimes, you wouldn't have to defeat them, just wait it out and hope for the best.

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Did you include meats to increase recruiting chance. For example, if Slime is required variable 30 or higher and is assigned + 0 thru 30 at random... using Beef Jerky could add ten to all the recruitables variables. Mayve a Pork chop is 20, a rib 40, a sirloin 80? Harder monsters scale much higher in required minimums to catch but can still be punped full of meat?

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Ehh I'm just doing a DQ5 style of recruitment, I may make a Meteorb item that you can purchase with tinymedals that auto guarantees the last monster killed to join, that will be for those hard to catch monsters. I'll make some late game enemies drop tinymedals but they have a very low chance of doing so. For now they join based on a 1/2,1/4,1/16,1/32,1/64,1/256 etc scale.


This is because at best the monsters act as a Human player replacement. Early monsters Stat wise will be lower than most humans, but they'll gain levels generally faster.


Monsters like slimes/Dracky/Wakamoles will have level caps of 30.


Slimenites/Wizards/Claymen Level cap of 40.


Stronger monsters like Golems/Ogres/Lionex will cap at 50. (I've never played a DQ game till I was higher than this level I believe)  (DQ 9)


I'll make a Dream egg quest where you get an egg you can feed items and it's stats will raise based on this and depending on your actions and items fed will result in a special monster. (Like Kagebou/Ramia/Dimensaur)


I think 50 monsters is a good enough number? I'm trying to avoid recolors (with the exception of metalslime/metalking).

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