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Well, since we've discussed a lot about music changes lately, I was wondering, what's everyone's most favorite tunes in Dragon Warrior VII?


For me, much of the soundtrack is pretty much great and fits the mood of the game excellently. I will say though, there are certain tunes that just 'stick' with me, or mesmerize me long after I've put the game aside for a bit.


For me, those would be:


The Dejan Village Theme - I love classical guitar work in videogames, the effect of nylon strings is a wonderful sound, though I'm admittedly biased since I'm play a bit of guitar myself. This theme, and the other one which I'll link to in a moment are strangely missing from a lot of the OSTs I see uploaded on Youtube, which is a shame.


The Deja Ritual Dance Theme - Granted, the two themes aren't actually played on 'real' guitars. Or "tulas" if you want to be in-universe specific. This is honestly, conceptually, a wonderfully designed piece for a nylon guitar type of sound.


Does anyone know what these two sound like on the updated 3DS version? Hopefully the original Japanese version might have an actual 'acoustic' version so I might hear what this would sound like played on actual strings.


The Opening Prologue Theme - I remember this being the first thing that really caught my attention when first booting up DWVII. First time ever playing any DQ game, and it set the atmosphere perfectly. I had no idea what I was getting into, but this definitely got me curious. I really do wish the 3DS version still had that scene, but at least there's an updated version of this tune floating around on the uploaded 3DS ost.


The Skystone Theme - Wow, this tune. This and Heavenly Flight from III and VIII have to be my favorite 'sky travel' tunes from the DQ series. There's a lot of mood variance in this one though, but it really does give me mental images of the Hero and his party sailing across the sky, looking down on the various islands they restored, and remembering the events that happened at each one. The Symphonic Version is a masterpiece as well, though the dynamic fortississimo definitely freaks me out sometimes if I'm not ready for it.


There's so many tunes I could name in addition, perhaps I'll edit the post later to add them in, but what are your favorite musical pieces from this game?

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And you can hear all the American 3DS version music by clicking on the DQ7 iOS link in the sidebar (it's the same).

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-Memories of a Lost World


-Pirates of the Sea

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I don't know. Entire ost is great and fits the mood. One of the best osts in series imo. But my favorite would be Tula dance.

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Heavenly Village

Strolling through the Town

World of the Strong

Fighting Spirit

Memories of a Lost World


oh and Shadow of Death 1

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Alright here we go.


Memories of a lost world

Moving through the the present

World of the strong

Fighting spirit

Triumphal return

Orgo Demila

Shadow of death 1

Days of sadness

Echo of horns throughout the castle

Heavenly village

Strolling through the town

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