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So I was browsing Amazon for Dragon Quest shirts, as any nerd is wont to do, and I found what appears to be stolen artwork.


It seems to be a picture of Nera (labeled Dancer from Dragon Quest Heroes, so the seller is obviously ill-informed) that I think was done by ProfessorMegaman?  I've seen his Nera commission work elsewhere, and I know at least the commissioner is here on the Den.




It may very well be official art that I haven't seen, but I thought I'd post it here just in case.  Going on the seller's page, they appear to be ripping official art/logos (there's even a shirt that literally just has the Starbucks logo on it) and throwing it on shirts to earn a quick buck, though I think I found a few other pieces that look suspiciously like fan art.  I don't know how legal this is, but it still rubs me the wrong way.


(Okay, I looked it up and it appears ProfessorMegaman restored the picture of Nera from either some official art or an old drawing, but even if it was the former, the coloring of the picture on the shirt is clearly his work.  I'm not a lawyer, I just thought someone might be upset by this.  I know I would be if it were my art.)


Edit: here are some links to a few other pictures that look suspiciously like fan art:



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Contact Amazon and report the seller. Try to find the original piece and the thread if he doesn't have an official site, social media, what have you.

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