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I found this on Hiroba.  We appear to have a new super enemy boss coming.  Much like Regnad, it has 4 levels of strength, and its strength level will change each day.


Dark King:




He will begin appearing on July 6th, 6:00 AM Japanese time.


I'm using Google Translate here but it looks like you need to clear the 3.3 version story, and that someone in the village of Matiru has become a dragon (?).


Here's the official conditions in their JP form.


ãƒãƒ¼ã‚¸ãƒ§ãƒ³3.3 é—‡ã®é ˜ç•Œã®ãƒ¡ã‚¤ãƒ³ã‚¹ãƒˆãƒ¼ãƒªãƒ¼ã‚’クリアã—ã¦ã„る。

烈ç«ã®æ¸“è°· - マティルã®æ‘ ã«ã„る「プリãƒãƒ©ã€ã¨è©±ã—ã€ç«œè¨Žå£«ã«ãªã£ã¦ã„る。


It appears that you should be sent a letter through in-game mail when he's available.


Here's the hiroba page:




Rewards appear to be an accessory and novelty weapons that can be used for skins.


There doesn't appear to be much information available yet on how he fights.


Anyone want to be part of the original "scouting crew" that goes and takes the first looks at him?


A scouting crew isn't expected to win the fight, but we could make notes of what kinds of abilities he uses and what kind of status ailments he causes.  This can help us know what kind of resistances and fighting tactics may help with him.


I'm thinking we could start with a traditional Paladin setup.


Anyone interested in being flattened by the new super boss?



Text you need to start the fight off the first time by speaking to the robot in white chat:


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I wish I could run DQX on this machine.  That looks like fun

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Mimas and I scouted him last night.


Poison immunity is recommended as he loves his poison moves, and it depletes your HP quickly.  Even if you don't have immunity, bringing as much resistance as you can seems to help.  I had 65% and even that made a significant difference over none.  If you don't have immunity bring some antidotes.


Dark resistance is also recommended.  His attacks were not 1 hit kills but they did a lot of damage.


After you do some damage to him, he starts spawning crystals.  Watch these crystals as 2 smaller ones will emerge from them and fire lasers.  Try not to stand where the lasers will fire.  They will do a lot of damage, not necessarily a 1 hit kill but they hurt pretty bad.  He spawns more crystals as the fight goes on so try to stay alert to avoid getting blasted.


When gets under 50% health he adds a move that causes fog to swirl around except right near him.  Be up close to him when you see the fog swirling or you'll probably get 1 hit killed.


He has a roar like Regnad that knocks you down, which is bad because you can't move to avoid the lasers.  If you are far enough away from him you won't be knocked down.

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Requirements: Able to fight Regnad, and clear 3.3


If you've met these you'll receive a letter from Q485 about Dark King. So head on up to him:



Before you can do anything you will need to speak a very special phrase he sent you in the letter to show him who you are and that phrase is...




A Dragon Warrior draws near!



(Seriously, if this game is ever localised and this phrase isn't exactly this in English I am totally going to be pissed.)


This will open the blue gate next to him. Examining the gate will allow you to ready up for Dark King, it uses the same items as Regnad as an entrance fee and like with Regnad these items only are used up if you defeat him. The camera pans over to Q485 when you examine the gate, which is a bit confusing, kind of difficult to tell if you selected the gate or just talked to him... especially if there are tons of people around and believe me there were.



As for the big bad Dark King himself, there was an interview earlier with Rikki where some information came up about him and it was stated that unlike Regnad that Dark King is much easier to fight. Even in Regnad's weakest form the preparation required just to even stand a remote chance was just mind-boggling. The amount of pressure caused by the paladin or priest making a single mistake could easily spell death for the party. Panicking happened a lot, which threw people off their games, and you could practically see it through the screen. Dark King is supposedly not like this in his weakest forms and I can safely say that the amount of background knowledge or resistances required just to try out Dark King is no where close to Regnad.



Recommended resistances:

Poison guard - Even though this technically isn't essential, I'd suggest picking up 100% when you can. Not right now though, poison guard is a parupunte effect and people buying them up caused horrific inflation. Just carry a stack of 99 Antidotes until the prices stop being stupid (4.2 mil for 40% on a muhou set?!?! Absurd!).  :P


And that's all. Although I am guessing that some of his moves will be powered up in higher strength levels so dark resist may become essential.


Translation of this page: http://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_boss_kyouteki5.html


Dark King (ダークキング) 

HP ~96000 at lv1 (for reference Regnad 1 is ~73000 and Regnad 2 is ~94000)

Dark King resists all elements as did Regnad. 0.9x at lv1. Poison and Blind work very well on him, even seen him put to sleep rarely!


Opening AI pattern:

Attack: ~500 damage

Purple Tornado (紫雲ã®ãŸã¤ã¾ã): Dark element attack that does ~320 damage + 100% chance of deadly poison (3sec 90 damage) to a target and anyone around that target.

Dark Wave (ã‚„ã¿ã®ã¯ã©ã†): Deals 250 damage in a straight line forward, also causes all element resist down 100%, -2 stages of atk and def, and movement speed down.
King Press(キングプレス): Deals ~650 damage to everyone around him. Used as a turn end action.


At 90% or less he adds the following:
Summon (å¬å–š): Summons 1 dark crystal (ダーククリスタル), and he can certainly summon more if he chooses too!


At 50% or less he adds the following:
Dark Tempest (ダークテンペスト): Deals 9999x2 wind element damage to anyone far away. Run up next to him right away or die. If you have a command window open, you can just target him with a regular attack to run up as quickly as possible (like a slap dodge)
Dark Shout (ダークシャウト): His version of Regnad's Dragon Roar but with a much shorter range. Note this attack knocks you quite a distance backward, if you are hit by it and he uses Tempest next you are as good as dead. Cannot prevent the shock effect with resistance but can with ã¾ã‚‚ã‚Šã®ãŸã¦

Dark Crystal (ダーククリスタル)

- Invincible, cannot be targeted.

- Alternate between using Vertical Laser (ãƒãƒ¼ãƒ†ã‚£ã‚«ãƒ«ãƒ¬ãƒ¼ã‚¶ãƒ¼) and Horizontal Laser (ホライゾンレーザー) every 10 seconds, these lasers draw a line before they fire to show you where they are. If hit you'll take about 580 damage.

- After firing 8 times, the crystal breaks and vanishes from battle.



Current recommended setup, but could change with his stronger forms and there are quite a few variations that work well:

2 Dancers, Item Master (Boomerangs, Spear), Priest


- Dancers are your average friendly attackers, their HP is a bit low but with cooking you can easily survive those laser hits. Having access to wands for kirapon, and fans for blind is also helpful.

- Priest is a priest doing priesty things.

- Item Master with their access to breaker, slicer, plasma remover, shield, medical device... good lord there's no end to how useful they are in this fight. Also curious to how well Slime Blow would work with the gem... I mean Dark King is actually a Slime type.



Seeing how timezones would prevent me from trying with anyone here until this weekend, I decided to throw myself on party finder yesterday, pray for an invite to at least try out Dark King.




Is it messed up that I didn't notice what the male Ogre priest was wearing until I started this post?





Dark King's accessory isn't really tied to him. The reward for clearing Dark King is the same as Regnad, and the new accessory requires 20 instead of the 10 that the Dark Eye required.


Dark Glasses (ダークグラス)


Base effects: 70% Blind guard, 10 Style, 2 Def

Best fuses: 10% Blind guard, 2 HP, 2 Atk


I don't know what drugs the development staff were on when they created this accessory, but they need to take more of them. 100% blind guard or 70% and 6 attack?!

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You've joined the ranks of felixrush if your posts are being deleted.

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Eh? Whats a Felixrush? Sounds like a particular black and white cat in a mad dash for the nearest toilet after too much catnip.


Meh.  Im surprised that DQX actually has bosses with mechanics like this. Its basic compared to everything I done thus far, but its nice to see.


How much HP does a fully maxed out Paladin with the best gear and enchants usually have btw?


And is that a Chrono Trigger Robo in that pic I see? What kinda event that came from?

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Eh? Whats a Felixrush? Sounds like a particular black and white cat in a mad dash for the nearest toilet after too much catnip.


Meh.  Im surprised that DQX actually has bosses with mechanics like this. Its basic compared to everything I done thus far, but its nice to see.


How much HP does a fully maxed out Paladin with the best gear and enchants usually have btw?


And is that a Chrono Trigger Robo in that pic I see? What kinda event that came from?

I believe it's in the mid 700s if the paladin put all the emphasis they could on HP. The robot is actually native to DQX. However, since Akira Toriyama for Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest it's not to surprising there are a lot of similarities. The robots were introduced with the 3.3 content patch.

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Dark King 2 isn't too much different from 1.


Regular attack now does about 625 damage.

King Press is added after 50% HP as a non-turn end action.


More HP of course, and elemental damage reduced to 0.85.



I'd like to say I got a win on him but the party I went with didn't have enough HP to survive his regular attacks, and the item master and priest seemed to brainfart on the fact they both have kabuff and could prevent a lot of the deaths causing our very painful demises.


The dancer setup is most likely not going to catch on, not sure why the wiki recommended it. At form 2, poison seemed to be very difficult to inflict.




Extremely important piece of information.


Purple Tornado -> Dark Tempest is part of Dark King's AI after 50% HP.


This means that the tornado is a warning that you will need to run up next to him. He apparently cannot tempest normally so knowing this bit of info helps with the following:


- If you are a front runner and get hit by a tornado you know there is absolutely no reason to run. His next attack won't hit you as you are standing next to him. Attack away!

- If you are a healer, you now have an easier time staying away from Dark Shout. He cannot randomly tempest, if he does a tornado you have ample time to run up to him.

- If you are a ranged attacker, you now have a perfect tell for when to stop attacking and save your bacon.

- If you want to use a coup de grace, you now know when not to use one when standing too far away.

And so on.


He also cannot summon crystals if angry, but cannot be angered normally. Superstar and Paladin can anger him with a coup de grace to shut down crystal spamming.

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You can rename your own topic by editing your opening post and using the "Full Editor".  I think only Woodus can move the topic, so he can certainly do that if he sees this.

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Moved :)

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Dark King 3 changes:


More HP, Attack, and elemental resistance is 0.8x



- King Press is no longer a turn end action, he can use it whenever.


50% and on

- Summon now summons 3 crystals at once. I've heard there is a limit of 8 crystals allowed in battle and with 3 at a time you can certainly see a lot of them.




Warrior is becoming rather popular for Dark King's earlier forms. Damage down works quite well on him without breaker (even on 3), and their tanky HP and defence prevent a lot of those 1 shot kills. 2 Warrior, Item Master and Priest is rather great.


Current wins on 3 are around 17~19 min using 2 Warriors (or 1 and a Battle Master), Item Master and Priest.



I wonder what 4 will have in store.






Another super important piece of information!




Apparently when Dark King summons a new crystal the location chosen is behind the "target" of his summon.


It is highly recommended to lure Dark King to the edge of the battle field and fight him there with your back facing the edge of the battle field. This will make him place every crystal at the edge and make them far, far, far easier to dodge. It also makes summon spam beneficial! If he spams them all in one basic spot who cares?



edit 2:

AI change in 4.


After 50% HP:

Tempest is no longer a follow up to tornado it is used normally. 100% wind resistance may become essential for Dark King.


edit 3:


Update to the above, the pattern is actually still there it is just different.


Summon -> Attack -> Tempest -> Tornado is the new pattern.


This is actually quite nifty to know. Dark King will summon then use a normal attack and then tempest. You can use the normal attack to lure him away from the crystals relatively safely so that when he uses tempest you aren't also watching out for 3 lasers.

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More and more people are becoming accustomed to the accepted [for now, or possibly for a while] setup for Dark King and already getting invites as an attacker is kind of difficult because 1. The flood of them compared to priest and item master, and 2. 1h swords or get out basically even on the easier forms. The first can't be helped, but been working towards the second and taking a different approach to getting invites for Dark King for now.


Cuz, y'know, really the only entry fee as a priest is: 100% poison guard, and ~620 HP including cooking. Spam invited both times.





The timing on that win photo couldn't have been more perfect.

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Does 1 handed sword have an advantage over ax?


For battle master, 1h swords have risen as the best form of attacking. They were great before the lv90 weapon and that just put them so far over the top that the only reason you wouldn't use them is in very specific situations. They have 3 options:


1. Fire slash: The gem and passive at 180 make this hit so hard that as long as the enemy doesn't resist fire that it matches Thanatos Hunt in terms of damage. Fire slash! Who'd of thought a basic slash skill would rise to the top?

2. Falcon slash: For any boss that doesn't resist lightning, falcon slashing with lightning swords is awesome.

3. Attack spam: No really, 2 super falcon blades with crit and crit gloves make spamming the attack button a powerful attacking option. The new skill raising crit rate a bunch also helps this strategy.


I'm not kidding about 3. It's the preferred attack option for Battle master at Dark King on battle master.



For warrior, the important point here is a shield. The lv90 (and first lv80) big shields provide 10 HP along with a very respectful defence boost. Unlike Regnad who can kill basically anyone with anything if they make a single mistake, Dark King's basic attacks and even King Press can be handled with high HP and defence. Axe warrior simply cannot do that on the tougher forms.


Shields also give access to Aegis Shield, and ã¾ã‚‚ã‚Šã®ãŸã¦. The former is great for surviving a lot of stuff without the negative effect of Phalanx, the latter is great for those times where you're caught right next to Dark King and he decides to start winding up a Dark Shout. Tempest followed up with a Shout is so mean...


Falcon slash is the preferred attack method for warrior at Dark King. Not with a lightning sword, but with the super falcon blade due to Dark King resisting all elements.

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Asked if people would like a list of gems to hunt for Dark King and have put together a general list. I didn't actually take this from anywhere else so it might be a bit much, or might be missing important ones.


Keep in mind these are for if you want to fight 3-4, you can get away with enough HP to survive lasers and poison guard for 1-2. The time limit becomes a serious problem after that, so even gems that seem like a bit much suddenly become important. The numbers are in the form lv5 (ornament effect) and I cannot stress enough that this is not really a solid list. I think some sections have way too many gems to even equip let alone max them all with the SP available.



会心練磨 Crit rate 1.0% (1.2%): Dark King has a rather crazy high defence stat, crits do tons of damage to him. ESSENTIAL

神業ã®æ‰‹ Deftness 25 (30): Deftness increases your chance for crits and more importantly the success rate inflicting bad statuses. ESSENTIAL

ä¸å±ˆã®é—˜å¿— HP 10 (12): 12 HP towards the 607 HP line is a very powerful thing indeed. There's absolutely no reason not to have this gem but if you can reach the required HP without it then it technically isn't required.

先見ã®çœ¼ Evade rate 1.0% (1.2%): Since Dark King doesn't have any attacks that cause trip or dance you can use evasion boots and of course stack some more evasion with this gem. Not reliable but you will thank it when that King Press does nothing to you.

武神ã®è±ªè…• Attack 5 (6): Not really a huge attack boost since it isn't factored into attack buffs but every little bit helps.

鉄å£ã®æ¯’ガード Poison guard 10% (12%): If you desperately need more poison guard this is where you can get it. Not recommended unless you have an insane belt that just happens to have 8%~10% poison guard.



鋼鉄ã®è‚‰ä½“ Defense 25 (30): Other classes really cannot hope to reach a defence high enough to survive the more deadly attacks, but warrior can if you really work at it.



逆境ã®ã¿ã‹ã‚ã—アップ When hit to near death 15% (18%) chance to get 30% evasion rate buff. In a battle full of attacks that cause a near death state, or would kill you outright without seijo... doesn't it sound like a good idea to captialize off that? All of those attacks are dodgeable too.


ä¸æ»…ã®æ”»æ’ƒåŠ›ã‚¢ãƒƒãƒ— 15% (18%) chance to not lose attack buff when dead.

ä¸æ»…ã®ãƒ†ãƒ³ã‚·ãƒ§ãƒ³ 15% (18%) chance to not lose tension when dead

- You might as well get used to the fact that you are going to die, potentially a lot, during this fight. Keeping buffs to continue offence after being revived is helpful. Every class can participate in attacking at times in this fight so it is helpful for everyone to have it.


å¿è€ã®MP回復 When hit 15% (18%) chance to gain 5% (6%) of the damage as MP. Those lasers really hurt! And in 4 where he summons 4 of those things at a time from basically the beginning you aren't going to be able to dodge them all. Extra MP is nice.


Helpful but unreliable:

始ã¾ã‚Šã®ãƒãƒ£ãƒ¼ã‚¸ã‚¿ã‚¤ãƒ çŸ­ç¸® 10% (12%) chance to lower CT by 10 at battle start

始ã¾ã‚Šã®è–女ã®å®ˆã‚Š 10% (12%) chance to start with seijo

- These effects are both extremely helpful for every person, but since they are a 1 time chance at battle start you shouldn't rely on them.



ä¸æ»…ã®å›žå¾©å‘ªæ–‡å¼·åŒ– 15% (18%) chance to not lose healing power buff when dead

ベホマラーã®å¥‡è·¡ Increases Multiheal healing by 10% (12%)

- These gems are for the priest, but the multiheal one is only really useful in earlier forms of Dark King. Later forms currently result in Yggdrasil Dew spam due to all of the laser spam caused by him summoning more than 1 at once.



奇跡ã®ä¼šå¿ƒæ”»æ’ƒ Increases crit damage by 25 (30): If I have to explain why a gem that increases critical hit damage in a battle where you are relying on crits for the majority of your damage is essential then I don't know what to tell you. ESSENTIAL!

打ãŸã‚Œå人 Lowers all damage by 10 (12): The HP line assumes you have this gem already to reduce laser damage. ESSENTIAL!

æ°—ã¾ãã‚Œãªè¿½æ’ƒ 5% (6%) chance to attack twice. Works on non-charge time skills too and in warrior's case is added onto the same effect from their 140 passive and medal.


復è®ã®è–女ã®å®ˆã‚Š 15% (18%) chance for seijo when an ally dies

復è®ã®ãƒã‚¤ã‚·ã‚ªãƒ³ 15% (18%) chance for 1 stage of atk up when an ally dies

復è®ã®ã‚¹ã‚«ãƒ© 15% (18%) chance for 1 stage of def up when an ally dies

復è®ã®ãƒ†ãƒ³ã‚·ãƒ§ãƒ³ã‚¢ãƒƒãƒ— 15% (18%) chance for 1 stage of tension when an ally dies

- Lets face it, people are going to die in this fight. Take advantage of those deaths by getting free buffs seijo.



鉄å£ã®ãµã£ã¨ã³ã‚¬ãƒ¼ãƒ‰: 5% (6%) Knock Back and Blown over guard. Combined with your shield this is 10% (11%) which can stop King Presses. This can be used on other classes, but warrior being in the frontline will benefit the most from it.



ベホマラーã®çž¬ã Increase cast speed of Multiheal by 10% (12%)

スカラ系呪文ã®çž¬ã Increase cast speed of Buff-line spells by 15% (18%)

復è®ã®æ—©è© ã¿ã®æ– 15% (18%) chance for cast speed buff when an ally dies


Item Master

ãƒã‚¤ã‚­ãƒ«ãƒˆç³»å‘ªæ–‡ã®çž¬ã Increase cast speed of Oomph-line spells by 15% (18%)

スカラ系呪文ã®çž¬ã Increase cast speed of Buff-line spells by 15% (18%)

ピオラ系呪文ã®çž¬ã Increase cast speed of Accel line spells by 15% (18%)

復è®ã®æ—©è© ã¿ã®æ– 15% (18%) chance for cast speed buff when an ally dies


- The above gems for priest and item master shouldn't need explanations. You'll be using those spells a lot, and the gems will help with that.




真・やã„ã°ãã ãã®æŠ€å·§ Increase the effectiveness rate of 150 skill by 25%. If you need an explanation as to why a gem to increase the chance a skill that inflicts a debuff that halves the damage Dark King does is essential I will give you a funny look. Seriously. ESSENTIAL

真・やã„ã°ãã ãã®æ¥µæ„ Increase the damage of 150 skill by 15%. This gem may look a bit silly to use since the skill has a charge time, but in a battle with a time limit where every action counts you definitely want to make this action contribute as much as possible. 15% might not seem like a lot, but the skill has a 3.5~3.7x range and the gem makes that a 4.025~4.255x range due to normal skills having the % increase multiplied by the skill's multiplier not added.

ãƒãƒ£ãƒ¼ã‚¸ã‚¿ãƒƒã‚¯ãƒ«ã®æ¥µæ„ Increase the damage of charge tackle by 25%. Charge tackle usage at Dark King isn't very effective, but usually the cancelling knock back effect does work. 


Battle Master

ã‚‚ã‚ã°æ–¬ã‚Šã®æ¥µæ„ Increase damage of Morobagiri by 15%. Used during miracle boost over regular attacks. Just watch out for the chance skill that lowers Dark King's defence to 0... don't use it then or you'll murder yourself in the process.

æžœã¦ãªãミラクルブースト Increase duration of miracle boost buff by 15 sec. Battle Master takes full advantage of tension using Morobagiri during miracle boost, and if you aren't at full HP to tank the recoil damage you can just use a normal attack to essentially refill your HP.


Item Master

強化ガジェット零å¼ã®é–ƒã Increase the chance Item Master's coup de grace will show up by 2.5%. I hate to say that a coup de grace gem is essential but... it really is. Double damage for a short time is no joke. ESSENTIAL

プラズマリムーãƒãƒ¼ã®æˆ¦åŸŸ Increase the area of effect range of Plasma Remover by 2.5m. Essential but will totally understand if you can't get it. This gem is not farmable, and is not a coup de grace gem. If you get a 3 spacer, never throw it out. This gem is like the holy grail for Item Master.

プラズマリムーãƒãƒ¼ã®çž¬ã Increase start speed of Plasma Remover by 25%. A bit of overkill, Plasma Remover is pretty quick as it is.

ç£ç•Œã‚·ãƒ¼ãƒ«ãƒ‰ã®çž¬ã Increase placement speed of shield by 25%. The speed that you can place down a shield is extremely important, the previous one vanishes the moment you use the skill not when you place a new one down. Lowering the window lowers the chances for accidental deaths caused by King Press when a shield isn't down..



天使ã®å®ˆã‚Šã®çž¬ã Increase start speed of auto-life by 25%. If you play priest often, would be surprised if you don't have this. That skill is so bloody slow and this really doesn't help much but at least it is something.




Battle Master

超ã¯ã‚„ã¶ã•æ–¬ã‚Šã®æ¥µæ„ Increase damage of super falcon slash by 30%


Note: Battle Master cycles between normal attack and class skills. No weapon gems are required until they add gems for the new 160~180 skills.



ã¯ã‚„ã¶ã•æ–¬ã‚Šã®æ¥µæ„ Increase damage of falcon slash by 30%

超ã¯ã‚„ã¶ã•æ–¬ã‚Šã®æ¥µæ„ Increase damage of super falcon slash by 30%


Item Master and Priest

ã•ã¿ã ã‚Œçªãã®æ¥µæ„ Increase damage of Multithrust by 20%


Note: Item Master and Priest primarily use spears for later forms of Dark King to help deal out damage when one of the attackers is being targeted. Spears also have the 160~180 skill æ­¦ç¥žã®è­·æ³• that causes the damage down effect that warrior's 150 skill does.




HP Line for lasers is 607 with lv6 (5+ornament) damage down gem not 610.


Updated a few gems for classes.

(+) A chance to attack twice allows for extra dps. This might cause a few problems with Battle Master getting an extra, un-cancellable attack but since warrior's main dps is falcon slash and you can cancel it if a second one activates you can cancel to avoid dark wave on reaction.

(-) All revenge buffs except for seijo. In practice these don't really provide anything. Renewing attack up is handy but that implies your item master sucks. Buff is worthless as it doesn't allow you to survive anything.

Tension up doesn't provide much of a damage boost on the main attacks you'll be using throughout the fight.

(+) Knock Back/Blown away guard while technically unreliable is a great choice. When it works you won't get interrupted during a falcon slash, and won't get knocked back making keeping the wall intact very easy to do.

(-) Buff cast speed is worthless due to Buff spells not being helpful. If you are dying unbuffed you are either not a warrior or you need to touch up your gear on warrior to survive. If Dark King waves you, item master removes the defence down with Plasma Remover not by applying kabuff twice.

(+) In favour of the dps of the party, item master having a quicker Acceleratle is extremely useful.

(+) Battle Master can use Super Falcon slash after the new skill to buff their crit rate for chances at 5 crits vs 4.

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Really odd ai glitch happened at Dark King today (strength level 2)


He is supposed to be locked into a pattern of tornado -> tempest... however... (randoms names censored out)




Attack -> Tempest?!?!?! But that only happens during 4!!!


What happened is he got a double turn, but his target died. He picked tornado which never happened and his ai skipped directly to tempest.


The moral: If a player dies after 50% and he is staring them down... he may tempest!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Since I've been getting requests on how to gear up for Dark King 4, decided to share the page that I referenced when confirming just how much gear you really need.




On this page there is a table:




This table is pretty much the holy grail when determining exactly what you'll need to take on Dark King 4. As a warrior it is extremely important for you to be able to survive a regular hit from Dark King, which is possible with the damage down gem (if you don't have an ornament for your wind board yet... get it!) and balancing your HP/Def stats. There is no way to survive King Press without buffs, and these values will also allow you to survive it when you are buffed with Aegis.


Or simply put, there is absolutely no reason at all to raise your HP and defense beyond values in this chart. The easier you are able to meet these breakpoints, the more you'll be able to shuffle around equips.


The chart is very simple to read. The yellow columns are defense, red is the max damage a regular attack from Dark King does, green is the HP value you need to survive with 1 HP assuming you have a lv5 damage down gem and ornament for a total of -12 damage.


If you're wondering where I am at, I reach 678 (including cooking) HP and 712 def. With those values the max damage Dark King does with an attack is 688 minus the 12 for damage down gem to 676 allowing me to survive with 2 HP. 2 HP is helpful as that leaves room for your rosary to save you.



Poison resist: Leather Pants vs Lv85 lower armor


While the latter is very helpful and to some players essential, it is insanely expensive especially considering the much cheaper option available that can work if you plan out properly. This is basically just do you want to spend 200k on something that every class can use, or 12 mil on something that only warrior and paladin can use.


I'd also like to point out that I don't use the lv85 gear but meet the important breakpoints for warrior, and have watched streams of players that don't either and they've cleared 4 as warrior. Just food for thought when making your choice.


I would recommend leather pants due to the following points:

1. They aren't essential to winning.

2. 200k vs 12mil. Need I say more?

3. You can plan around meeting the breakpoints with the lv85 set on other gear so if you ever do feel the need to upgrade way down the line you can. I can understand if you buy something for several million but should have went the extra mile and now basically have to double pay for what you should have bought earlier being annoying. This however is not that type of situation.


How much crit % do I need?


Honestly, you can probably cut corners on crit rate but if you do cut corners on your gloves which may be replaced by lv90 gear soon and go all out on your super falcon blade. Even if the lv95 sword is infinitely better it's like 8 months away.


I have:


Super Falcon Bade: Crit 5.0%: 1.4(+0.2), 1.4(+0.3), 1.4(+0.3) - The first one was a failure and upgraded twice from -0.8 to +0.2. Cost 4.45mil

Lv85 gloves: Crit 4.7%: 1.4(+0.3), 1.4(+0.2), 1.4 - No upgrades done, cost about 1.8mil can upgrade to 4.9



Other mostly optional gear


I cannot stress enough that when I say this gear is mostly optional I mean aim for successes and only go beyond them if adding in extra stats doesn't cost much extra.


Lv90 shield with Shield Guard (4.2%): Even with just 4.2% these are pretty pricey due to the material prices to make them. The lv90 shield also gives extra 10 HP to work with in shuffling around HP and defense.

Lv85 boots with Evasion rate up (4.25): Very cheap, I use 4.2% ones and they were just over 1mil.



Hope this helps with planning warrior gear.

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After doing quite a bunch of runs of Dark King 4, been looking at the various setups that people have challenged him with to try to figure out the best setup overall.



Setup 1: Warrior, Battle Master, Item Master, Priest


This is a surprisingly popular setup, surprising in the fact that it is so terrible yet people continue to use it. It relies on the Battle Master knowing when to retreat, the other players knowing how to target check, the warrior knowing how to renew the wall, and tons of other things that get in the way of putting up a good offence. I mean isn't the whole point of Battle Master for more damage? But how is it more damage overall unless you are rarely targeted?


My only experience with these parties were people complaining about me not renewing the wall even though I was... when there was someone actually there so I could renew it and not let Dark King through to King Press them into oblivion.  :laugh:



Setup 2: 2 Tamers, Item Master, Priest


Speed run setup. HP Link allows you to tank King Presses but has the nasty side effect of making two people end up dead from laser shenanigans. Tread carefully with this one. 



Setup 3: 2 Warriors, Fortune Teller, Priest


Due to a recent discovery in staff fortune teller this is an insanely solid setup but it has one fatal flaw. If two players get hit by dark wave there's really no way quickly fix the problem. The priest will need to put in some quick kirapons (easier said than done with how hectic the fight gets), or the warriors just play perfect. With a Angel Slime Chariot staff Fortune Teller stacking tons of buffs this setup can reach yellow with about 13 1/2 minutes left on the clock fairly consistently.



Setup 4: 2 Warriors, Item Master, Priest


This setup is basically setup 1 except it isn't ridiculously flimsy. Trade in slightly less dps overall for much easier attack flows where you only need to back off if tons and tons of safety nets fail. You will of course need to go all out as much as you can on gear, gems and whatever else to increase your dps on warrior. 200k HP to deal with in 20 minutes is quite the task. As far as mainstream setups, this is my recommended one. It is far, far lower in difficulty to learn and thus you will usually come across people that are more comfortable with actually using dews to prevent hilarious leaf revive relays.


I am not sure about other warrior's stats and setups for Dark King 4 but here's a run-down of mine:


--Important stats--

HP: 666 (636 + 30 from cooking)

Def: 760

Note: Meets HP665/Def760 line allowing to survive with 2 HP on a normal attack from Dark King 4


Atk: 538 (523 + 15 from cooking)

Total crit rate: 15.9% (equips, gem, weapon passives)


--Important resists--

Poison guard 100%


--Accessory line up--

Face: Accel Gear. No turn usage %.

Neck: Gold Rosary. Attack perfect with 5% extra chance to survive with 1HP

Ring: Poison resist ring. Note: I recommend a 6 defence ring not 80% poison guard! 50% ring + 60% pants is already over 100%! I need to get this...

Chest: Seto Ankh. Attack perfect.

Belt: Royal Lab or Evil Palace belt with Slime-type damage +%.

Card: Mystery Card. HP 15, Atk 8, Deftness 15. If you need more defence swap out deftness for it.

Other: Big Dragon Orb. HP perfect. 50 goes a long, long way.

Medal: Warrior medal. 


--160~180 skills--

1H Sword: 160: Crit 1%, 170: Falcon Slash damage +4%, 180: ä¸æ­»é³¥å¤©èˆžâ…¢

Shield: 160: If near death 2% chance for 30% evasion rate buff, 170: Defence +15, 180: ã‚¢ã‚¤ã‚®ã‚¹ã®å®ˆã‚Šâ…¢



Fire: HP 8(10), Atk 5, Def 25(30), Deftness 25(30), Crit 1%

Water: Keep attack buff on death 15% (18%), Keep tension on death 15% (18%), If near death 15% (18%) chance for 30% evasion buff, 4% (5%) extra HP on revive, 15% chance to recover 5% of damage in MP

Wind: All damage -10 (12), Crit damage +25(30), Atk +3 Def -15, 5% (6%) knock back/down guard, 12% (15%) chance for seijo if ally dies, 4% (5%) chance for double action

Light: 25% (27%) success rate up for 150 skill, 15% (16%) damage up for 150 skill

Dark: 30% (32%) damage up for falcon slash, 30% (32%) damage up for super falcon slash


And of course shield guard rate up shield and evasion up boots, but those are less important.


Even though I took preparation for this very seriously it seemed like some tragic irony almost as if there was some sort of divine intervention to keep me busy with real life things to stop me from getting attempts in. During my vacation in August I had started making serious plans for 4, managed to get prepared... but I had planned one day during the vacation to take my nephew to an amusement park for the day. Wednesday turned out to be no good but perfect weather on Thursday.. which was a 4 day. Curses.


The next 4 day on a weekend I decided to go the extra mile and purchase 60% poison resist pants with extra defence for 14 mil on Monday to get ready. On Tuesday I ended up sick at home and by Thursday was feeling better. Then Friday... it relapsed and despite my efforts to try I just couldn't continue.


Then I decided, well dang, even though the next 4 day on the weekend isn't too far away I'd like to at least get some more practice in before that. Log in, get ready to do dailies and start a material run... a phone call? From my best friend on a Monday? You bought a PS4, it isn't working, and you need me to help you troubleshoot the issue? Alright, I'll be right over. And no attempts at Dark King 4 were done that day. He had to swap his for another one due to all of the methods to fix that problem were either using another TV and we didn't want to lug the PS4 over to my house, and failed to use any of the other suggestions online since they required video output to be shown and we were stuck with a blank screen. At least I diagnosed the problem correctly... still disappointed I couldn't fix the problem. Glad the PS4 he swapped it for was set up with no issues.


Then finally we get to this week. 4 day on a Sunday, I feel fantastic and am ready to make a full day worth of attempts on it.


4:30PM Friday

Oh by the way guys, we need to figure out these issues before Monday so we will be here at work this weekend.


9PM Friday

Let's meet at 9:30AM on Sunday.


Someone... someone up there really doesn't want me to beat him do they?


Well, I suppose I can at least try for a bit on Saturday night but not really expecting anything as I never even got to red HP in any of my attempts before.









Wha-what just happened?!?!?!


This was with the 2 warrior, item master, priest setup and we had about a minute left on the clock.


Ironically, it started off rather horrible too. My fellow warrior was tasked with using the 150 skill first as it helps to coordinate that so you don't waste one. He runs up and Dark King rather brutally opens up with an instant King Press before he can do anything! It happens.  :P


I, of course, step in to use the 150 skill since we can't possibly accidentally waste one while he is being revived and... my god look at that angry face on Dark King! He relentlessly continued to target and attack the other warrior 4 times in a row! Warrior goes down a second time... revived and a 5th attack on him after the revive. Jeez, I don't want to know what he did to Dark King to cause that...


This exchange severely lowered our damage output for about 90 seconds, so to finish with just under a minute left was very encouraging for future attempts.





There is another setup I had been considering that really isn't mainstream but it fixes the dark wave bait that the normal Fortune Teller setup cringes at. That setup is really quick in the first place, so why not take a slight damage output cut for the following?


Paladin (Wand, Spear), Warrior, Fortune Teller (Staff), Priest


This set-up trades the damage output of a second warrior for kirapon usage to shut out dark wave. Paladin can also deal item master-like support damage with multithrust. It also has easy access to one extra thing, that assuming you don't have a chance circle set down the Fortune Teller will absolutely love. Tinkle Baton. Nothing spells death like a tension boosted Aura Chariot tarot. Well, except for a chance circle Aura Chariot since with staffs it hits the 4999 damage cap easily.


It seems like a much better option than the current mainstream stuff but requires some rather specific deck-building on behalf of the fortune teller. Most players I know go with Strength/Emperor as their Angel Slime cards but this one is 2 Chariot with the rest of the deck being all support cards along with adding 5 Type Gs and 5 Killer Machines for the absolute maximum amount of strength increase from tarot cards.





Tons of stuff to try out, and Dark King 4 is still tons of fun. Looking forward to any runs in the future.

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