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Destiny of the Dragon Lord V 1.0

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Just watched someone do a play thru of Destiny of the Dragonlord V 1.5 and saw a few bugs. Didn't write them down and remembered all but one. Fixed the bugs but trying to remember the one I forgot. V 1.6 is coming soon.


Edit: I am currently adding Conditional Branchs to all jars, chests and drawers that give an item. If you already own the max amount of said item, it will tell you so and not still add and waste the item. It now leaves it to be picked up anytime later and knows better than to mark it taken.

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https://www.rpgmaker.net/games/8867/   Public beta release 1.0 of DotDL is out! The entire game and post game is complete. Enjoy and give feed back please.

The Warp Wing thing is just a switch toggle. I need to figure out why that's happening on rare occasions. Gotta be a simple mistake somewhere.   Spoiler pertains to the final battle in response to N

I can identify with your frustration in a sense. I've written several fanfics that have definitely been read, but I've gotten so few reviews in comparison to the number of views. It sucks that people

I haven't been able to make progress for some time. The laptop I was using is off the board for summer, so until I get access to it again, or get a new personal one, I can't play for now. It was getting funny as hell, too.

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Destiny of the Dragonlord V 1.6 is up and out. Realized Critical Hits were only adding 20 damage. Don't know how I didn't notice sooner. jamis sound effect for crits script was over writing the default critical hit method I had set to 2x. It wasn't a problem on the other project that used it because I custom defined crits thru damage formulas, but in DotDL it was. Fixed along with every other known bug.



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Is it worth restarting the game for, or should I just push through with the current version I have?

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