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Hi, I'm a new wiki editor

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Hey everyone, I've been playing through the iOS remakes of Dragon Quest I-III and working on edits for the Wiki to update them to the most recent translations.

I do have to say that the confirmation of my email failed, which is preventing me from uploading image files (which I can legally capture via my iPhone's screen-capture function). If FlyingRagnar or whomever has authority to fix this tiddy I'm in, I'd be very goo-rateful.

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Welcome! My best advice is to push for equal representation of both the male and female Loto's, for despite both being *technically* present since the original nes installment, female Loto has been unfairly ignored in wiki's, faq's and official texts, depictions, and product endorsements since the game was originally released. SACRELIGE!!!

So, please mind those pronouns, my good Marandahir! ^_^

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